Welcome to the Authoritarian Kleptocracy, part XXIII

Here are my articles and interviews from the past week:

Trump’s racism is more than rhetoric — it forms policies and ruins lives (1/13/18) — Globe and Mail
The other scary foreign hacking threat Trump is ignoring (1/11/18) — Fast Company
What’s next for Steve Bannon? Nothing good for America (1/11/18) — NBC News
Trump is no genius, but he’s smart at playing dumb (1/7/18) — Globe and Mail

Al Jazeera, Listening Post, “Fire and Fury: Access, integrity and mainstream media” (1/14/18)
AM Joy, MSNBC, interview on Mueller probe, (1/13/18)
Associated Press, “Dozens more ‘resistance’ books scheduled for 2018” <– brief interview with me and mention of my book “The View From Flyover Country” (1/9/18)
570 News, interview about Trump and “Fire and Fury” (1/9/18)
Rick Smith Show, “Sarah Kendzior on ‘Fire and Fury'” (1/8/18)
Background Briefing with Ian Masters, interview on whether Lindsey Graham and other Republicans are being blackmailed or threatened (1/7/18)

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Welcome to the Authoritarian Kleptocracy, part XXII

I took a couple weeks off from writing articles to finish up some book projects — I’m involved in three books coming out in 2018.

My 2015 essay collection, “The View From Flyover Country”, will be re-released in April with additional material; you can pre-order it here. I will be doing a reading and signing in St. Louis at Left Bank Books on April 17, and have other readings tentatively scheduled in other US cities. If you would like to have me do a reading, you can contact me  at skendzior@gmail.com and I’ll forward the info to my publisher and publicity team. “The View From Flyover Country” became an online best-seller in 2016 and I’m glad a print version will finally be available to those who want it!

I also wrote the introduction to “The List”, Amy Siskind’s meticulous, real-time, week-by-week chronicle of the lurch toward authoritarianism under Trump. Her book will be available in April as well. Additionally, I have a chapter in the new collection from BELT Publishing, “Red State Blues: Stories from Midwestern Life on the Left” — a series of essays by writers living in the Midwest on the politics of our region. That will be out in September.

In other news, I did some interviews:

Raw Story, “AM Joy panel: Devin Nunes may face obstruction indictment for using his House intel position to derail Mueller.” Clip of my AM Joy interview about Nunes inside (1/6/18)
CBS News, “Where does the Muller investigation go next?” (1/3/18)
Ecelctablog, “A year when every day was a month of news — with special guest Sarah Kendzior” (12/27/17)
Daily Kos, “The cowardice and possible blackmail of Lindsey Graham” (12/22/17)
Raw Story, “Authoritarianism expert: Lindsey Graham’s personal emails were hacked and Trump may be blackmailing him” (12/22/17)
MSNBC, “The Last Word”, interview on GOP obsequiousness and the possibility of blackmail (12/21/17)

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Welcome to the Authoritarian Kleptocracy, Part XXI

My latest articles and interviews:

Alabama proves that appealing to Trump voters is a lost cause. The power is elsewhere (12/13/17) — Globe and Mail
With Trump, the GOP is playing a game of diminishing returns (12/13/17)

AM Joy, on Trump’s long history of being accused of rape and sexual assault (12/17/17)
AM Joy, on Trump’s statement that people will die as a result of the Mueller probe (12/17/17)
Crooks and Liars, “MSNBC Guest Sarah Kendzior: ‘Hysterical is just a word people used to describe women who speak the plain truth’ (12/17/17)
Daily Kos, “We won’t let democracy die, we’ll fight for net neutrality” (12/15/17)
AM Joy, On Donald Trump Jr as a liability to Trump (12/9/17)
Rob Burgess Show, “Ep 89: Sarah Kendzior”, long interview on Mueller probe, sexual assault charges, national parks, authoritarianism, net neutrality, etc (12/ 8/17)
Hellbent, “Literal Economic Anxiety”, 11/30/17

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Welcome to the Authoritarian Kleptocracy, Part XX

Here’s a round-up of my latest articles and interviews:

Gutting net neutrality is a death knell for the resistance (11/26/17) — Globe and Mail
It’s time to purge the pervs from politics, and let women step in (11/17/17) — Fast Company
Jeff Sessions’ testimony proves how little the truth matters under Trump (11/15/17) — NBC News

Rewire, The Breach, “Sarah Kendzior on the ‘Oligarch envy haunting Trump” (11/28/17)
Rick Smith Show, “Sarah Kendzior on the potential death of the resistance” (11/27/17)
MSNBC, interview on Mueller probe, 11/26/17
UNBUILT, “Use Your Collusion: Writer and resistance leader Sarah Kendzior”, a long interview with me by Alex Skolnick, the lead guitarist of Testament!

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Welcome to the Authoritarian Kleptocracy Part XIX

Here are some of my articles, speeches and interviews from the past three weeks, otherwise known as a millennium in Trump Time…

How Data Can Save Us From the Trumpocalypse (10/16/17) — Fast Company
Paul Manafort charges don’t ensure justice — but it’s a start (10/30/17) — Globe and Mail
Russia’s Social Media Propaganda Was Hiding in Plain Sight (11/2/17) — NBC News
Voter ID laws, hackers, gerrymandering — just how much can a democracy take?(11/10/17) — De Correspondent

MSNBC, “Hillary Clinton Emails: Did Russia tempt the Trump campaign?” (11/6/17)
Mark Sutcliffe Show, interview on indictments (11/2/17)
AM Joy, interview on Trump and Russia (10/28/17)
Indivisible Austin, “Understanding autocracy” speech and Q & A (10/19/17)
AM Joyinterview on election interference (10/22/17)

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“The View From Flyover Country” will be published in paperback this spring!

I’ve got some big news — my best-selling 2015 essay collection “The View From Flyover Country” will be released in an updated paperback version this spring! There has been intense reader demand for a print version of this book, and I’m happy to announce that this demand will be met thanks to Macmillan Publishers. My book is now available for preorder and will be released in April 2018.

The updated collection includes new essays on the Trump administration and how to navigate changes in our political system, so I encourage those who enjoyed the earlier version to check the new version out as well.

You can pre-order a copy at the following vendors:

Barnes and Noble

If you’re unfamiliar with “The View From Flyover Country”, it’s a collection of essays that I wrote between 2012 and 2014 which (unfortunately) documented the political social and economic conditions that led to Trump’s rise. Many people found it a useful read after the 2016 election, and it quickly became an international best-seller.

Here is a description of the book from my publisher:

A collection of penetrating essays about life in an America of dwindling opportunity—from the St. Louis–based journalist often credited with first predicting Donald Trump’s presidential victory.

St. Louis–based writer and expert in authoritarian states, Sarah Kendzior, has been called “a political heavyweight” and “a Cassandra in Trumpland.” In 2015, she collected the essays she reported for Al Jazeera and published them as The View from Flyover Country, which became an ebook bestseller and garnered praise from readers around the world. Now, The View from Flyover Country is being released in print with an updated introduction and epilogue that reflect on the ways that the Trump presidency was the certain result of the realities first captured in Kendzior’s essays.

A clear-eyed account of the realities of life in America’s overlooked heartland, The View from Flyover Country is a piercing critique of the labor exploitation, racism, gentrification, media bias, and other aspects of the post-employment economy that gave rise to a president who rules like an autocrat. The View from Flyover Country is necessary reading for anyone who believes that the only way for America to fix its problems is to first discuss them with honesty and compassion.

“Please put everything aside and try to get ahold of Sarah Kendzior’s collected essays, The View from Flyover Country. I have rarely come across writing that is as urgent and beautifully expressed. What makes Kendzior’s writing so truly important is [that] it . . . documents where the problem lies, by somebody who lives there.”Omair Ahmad, The Wire

“Sarah Kendzior is as harsh and tenacious a critic of the Trump administration as you’ll find. She isn’t some new kid on the political block or a controversy machine. . . .Rather she is a widely published journalist and anthropologist who has spent much of her life studying authoritarianism.” —Columbia Tribune

I’m very grateful to all my readers and hope you are as excited about this new version as I am! Thank you for all your support.


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Welcome to the Authoritarian Kleptocracy Part XVIII

Here are my articles and interviews from the past two weeks:

Fast Company, Why Puerto Rico Is Not Trump’s Katrina (9/27/17)

CPAC, “Perspective with Alison Smith: Mass Shooting and the Mood in America” (10/8/17) (Canadian TV interview; my segment is 20 min in)
AM Joy, inteview on the Russian interference investigation (10/6/17)
Springfield News-Leader, “For Sarah Kendzior, each day brings a new reason to resist Trump” (9/30/17)
Rob Burgess Show, interview on St Louis police brutality, Trump, foreign affairs, etc (9/27/17)

I’ve been publishing less this week in part because I’ve been busy working on a big project, which I will be able to announce soon. Stay tuned!

Also, Austin, I am headed your way and giving a talk on the Trump administration and American authoritarianism on October 19. Come by!

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Welcome to the Authoritarian Kleptocracy Part XVII

I’m back in the US and back on the road to give talks over the next few weeks. If you’re in Springfield MO, Austin TX or New Haven CT, come on by! Here are some of my latest articles and interviews:

Real patriotism, Mr. Trump, isn’t show you treat a flag. It’s how you treat Americans (9/24/17) — Globe and Mail
Get a grip, Democrats: Clinton’s book is not your biggest problem (9/12/17) — Globe and Mail
Trump’s sparring with North Korea is a reminder that foolishness really can kill (9/27/17) — Quartz

Rob Burgess Show, interview on St Louis police brutality, Trump, foreign affairs, etc (9/27/17)
Rick Smith Show, “Sarah Kendzior talks possibility and realities of indictments” (9/27/17)
Mike Farwell Show, 570 News, Ottawa, interview on NFL protests (9/26/17)
AM Joy, interview on Russian interference scandal (9/23/17)
AM Joy, interview on Russian interference scandal (9/9/17)

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Welcome to the Authoritarian Kleptocracy Part XVI

My latest articles and interviews:

The Trump ship may finally be sinking (8/21/17) — Globe and Mail
Steve Bannon may be a bigger asset to the White House outside of it than in it (8/19/17) — Fast Company
Why Trump blames “both sides” for Charlottesville (8/16/17) — Fast Company
Welcome to the Third Nuclear Era: Trump and the Point of No Return (8/14/17) — Fast Company
There aren’t ‘many sides’. There is only one right side, and Trump is not on it (8/13/17) — Globe and Mail

AM Joy, discussion of Bannon departure and white supremacists (8/19/17)
Crooks and Liars, “Sarah Kendzior: Even with Bannon gone, there are still nazis in the White House” (8/19/17)
BBC News, interview on Steve Bannon’s departure (8/19/17)
Ottawa Today, interview on Charlottesville (8/14/14)
FP Interrupted, “Sarah Kendzior” (interview on foreign and domestic policies) (8/4/17)

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Welcome to the Authoritarian Kleptocracy Part XV

My latest articles and interviews:

First they came for trans Americans. Who will be next? (7/27/17) — Globe and Mail
How Trump fullfilled a 30-year fantasy of becoming president, with a little help from the Kremlin (7/26/17)

AM Joy, “Trump is an orange puppet who is hooked up with oligarchs and possibly owes them a lot of money” (7/29/17)
Colin McEnroe Show, “The Trump Era: A Retrospective at Six Months” (7/28/17)
AM Joy, discussion of Jeff Sessions (7/22/17)
Rob Burgess Show, “Sarah Kendzior” (long interview on lots of stuff) (7/21/17)
Crooks and Liars, “Sarah Kendzior on the Impending Trump Autocracy”(7/15/17)

Off to Australia next week to give a keynote speech at the World Congress of the International Federation of Translators. No new articles for a bit; look for updates on Twitter.

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