Welcome to the Authoritarian Kleptocracy Part XVI

My latest articles and interviews:

The Trump ship may finally be sinking (8/21/17) — Globe and Mail
Steve Bannon may be a bigger asset to the White House outside of it than in it (8/19/17) — Fast Company
Why Trump blames “both sides” for Charlottesville (8/16/17) — Fast Company
Welcome to the Third Nuclear Era: Trump and the Point of No Return (8/14/17) — Fast Company
There aren’t ‘many sides’. There is only one right side, and Trump is not on it (8/13/17) — Globe and Mail

AM Joy, discussion of Bannon departure and white supremacists (8/19/17)
Crooks and Liars, “Sarah Kendzior: Even with Bannon gone, there are still nazis in the White House” (8/19/17)
BBC News, interview on Steve Bannon’s departure (8/19/17)
Ottawa Today, interview on Charlottesville (8/14/14)
FP Interrupted, “Sarah Kendzior” (interview on foreign and domestic policies) (8/4/17)

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