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The high price we pay for inequality in education

In the past, I have written about professors making poverty wages and academic publishing houses profiting off unpaid labor. For my latest Al Jazeera piece, I take on racial and class inequality in the higher education system, arguing that higher education … Continue reading

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My Best of 2012

I wrote a number of articles in 2012 that resonated with people for one reason or another. Below, a few of the highlights. Thanks everyone for a memorable year! Al Jazeera, The closing of American academia Atlantic, Manic pixie dream … Continue reading

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Help Newtown Families

Are you here because of the faux “mommy war” between me and Liza Long? Thank you for dropping by. While you’re here, please consider making a donation to one of the following charities dedicated to helping the people of Newtown. … Continue reading

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A Joint Statement From Sarah and Liza

We would like to release a public statement on the need for a respectful national conversation on mental health. Whatever disagreements we have had, we both believe that the stigma attached to mental illness needs to end. We need to … Continue reading

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A brief response on Liza Long

I have received many angry comments about my blog post on Liza Long. I would like to clarify a few matters. Some people have written that I must have criticized Long because I am not a parent. In fact, it … Continue reading

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Want the Truth Behind “I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother”? Read her blog.

Update: My op-ed on why we need to respect the online privacy of children in Al Jazeera Update: Quit gawking and do something useful — donate to a Newtown charity Update: Please see my joint statement with Liza Long. We … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with civil society

For Foreign Policy, I write about a subject that has been bothering me for ages – the inappropriate and harmful use of the term “civil society” when discussing policy in authoritarian states. I spoke briefly about this at the Registan … Continue reading

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Threats to Online Privacy

I have a new article for Al Jazeera on threats to email privacy. (OK, it is not really that new, but I’ve been too busy arguing with the daughter of Uzbekistan’s dictator to update my website – read about it … Continue reading

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