I am a writer. I am best known for my critical take on the “prestige economy”, my reporting on St. Louis, my coverage of the 2016 election, and my academic research on authoritarian states in Central Asia. My best-selling essay collection, The View From Flyover Country, was published in 2015.

I am currently an op-ed columnist for the Globe and Mail, where I focus on US politics. I also am the US correspondent for the Dutch news outlet De Correspondent. Previously I was an op-ed columnist for Al Jazeera English, where I wrote about exploitation, particularly in higher education, the diminishing opportunities of America’s youth, and gentrification. I have also covered internet privacy, political repression, and how the media shape public perception.  My April 2013 article “The wrong kind of Caucasian” is the most popular AJE op-ed of all time.

I have also written for POLITICO, The Chronicle of Higher EducationThe GuardianForeign Policy, QuartzSlateThe AtlanticMediumRadio Free EuropeOpinio JurisAlternet, HRDCVR, POLITICO EuropeThe Chicago Tribune, The BafflerBlue Nation Review, Alive MagazineEthnography Matters, Registan.net, The Common ReaderThe New York Daily NewsLa Stampa, World Policy Journal, The Brooklyn Quarterly, The Diplomat, Centre for International Governance Innovation, World Politics Review and The New York Times.

In August 2013, Foreign Policy named me one of “the 100 people you should be following on Twitter to make sense of global events”. In October 2013, St. Louis Magazine profiled me as one of 15 inspirational people under 35 in St. Louis. In September 2014, The Riverfront Times named me the best online journalist in St. Louis.

In addition to working as a journalist, I am a researcher and consultant. I have a PhD in anthropology from Washington University in Saint Louis and an MA in Central Eurasian Studies from Indiana University. Most of my work focuses on the authoritarian states of the former Soviet Union and how the internet affects political mobilization, self-expression, and trust.

My research has been published in American EthnologistProblems of Post-CommunismCentral Asian SurveyDemokratizatsiyaNationalities Papers, Social Analysis, and the Journal of Communication. I am a program associate for the Central Asia Program at the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University, and a research associate at the Russian, East European and Eurasian Center at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

I am frequently interviewed by the media and have been a guest on NPR, MSNBC, Al Jazeera, CBC News, BBC World Service, Citizen Radio, FOX, HuffPost Live and other broadcast outlets, as well as an invited speaker at academic conferences and forums on foreign policy, education and technology. I am a recurring guest on the MSNBC show “AM Joy”.

I occasionally serve as an expert witness in asylum cases involving applicants from Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. You can contact me at skendzior@gmail.com.

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  1. Dear Sarah, I just read your article of kony2012 video campaign publish by AJ English. I found very interesting and I would like to translate it into Italian to published it into my blogzine http://www.chometemporary.it. Obviously both you and AJ English would be quoted and linked.

    Please let me know if you think it could be possible.

    Thank you very much for your attention,


  2. Hi, there didn’t seem to be a place to leave a reply on the post about the mom of the “problem” child. I am really astounded at all the vitriol from mommy bloggers who think it’s OK to use blogging as a public forum to vent their frustrations about wanting to “kill” their teenagers. At a basic level, I think it’s mean and not very healthy. I appreciate your posts and there is never anything wrong in shining a light into darkness to find the truth. PS i have a 31 year old angel boy (who has a ph.d. and is a professor), and I would never talk about him like some of these moms do, no matter how frustrating he might have been at times while he was growing up. What I really want to know is why some of these moms don’t spend more time with their kids instead of blogging or texting or tweeting or on FB. just sayin’.

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