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Nothing left to boycott

For Quartz, I wrote about the Black Friday boycott in St. Louis: In the St. Louis metropolitan region, three malls were temporarily closed. The first, the Galleria, is in the commercial suburb of Richmond Heights and is popular with black … Continue reading

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Ferguson on fire

My latest for Politico: Darren Wilson will never be on trial. Black St. Louis always was. For 108 days, there were protests in St. Louis. The vast majority of the protests were non-violent. Looting and arson, limited to the initial … Continue reading

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Understanding St. Louis and Ferguson (Updated)

In light of the impending Ferguson grand jury decision, here are a few of my articles on the politics, economy and culture of St. Louis. You cannot understand Ferguson without understanding the broader context of the region. Why Ferguson has … Continue reading

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The boarded buildings of Ferguson

My latest for Quartz addresses the economic and racial issues behind the boarding up of storefronts along Ferguson’s West Florissant Ave: Since August, the media have described Ferguson in apocalyptic terms. The region has been compared to Gaza and Iraq, … Continue reading

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The crash of the helicopter parents

I have a viral article in Quartz about the rise and fall of “helicopter parenting”, an elite practice peddled as normal that most parents could never afford: About 25 years ago, when the era of irrational exuberance allowed enough disposable income for irrational anxiety, … Continue reading

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The attention economy and the politics of language

My latest is for The Common Reader, a new journal you should read. Their debut issue is on the politics of language, and my article is on online protest in Uzbekistan. What happens when you tweet a protest and no … Continue reading

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