Welcome to the Authoritarian Kleptocracy, Part XXIX

Hello! Once again I was remiss in updating this website with everything I’ve been up to for the past few months, due to the sheer exhaustion caused by everything I’ve been up to for the past few months. I am finally done touring for “The View From Flyover Country” and I appreciate everyone who turned out to see me at bookstores and book fairs across the country this year.

My podcast, Gaslit Nation, has now gone weekly thanks to the support of our listeners (you can donate here) and it will continue running through 2019. I have been writing articles less often because I’m busy working on the podcast and on a new book, and that will remain true for the first half of next year. The best ways to keep up with my work and ideas are by subscribing to Gaslit Nation and following me on Twitter.

Anyway, here are some of the articles, interviews, and talks I’ve done recently:

Globe and Mail:

If the midterms were a test of the country’s character, Americans failed (11/7/18)
Kavanaugh’s appointment isn’t a step backward, but a plunge into an abyss (10/6/18)
The resistance to Donald Trump is not what you think (9/29/18)
Kavanaugh hearing: When you’re a well-connected judge, you can do anything (9/21/18)

Gaslit Nation:

Festivus Special: Mueller’s Low-Hanging Fruit (12/19/18)
Individual One: The New Name of the GOP (12/12/18)
Kleptocracy World Order (12/5/18)
Happy Thanksgiving: We’re Grateful for Canvassers (11/21/18)
The Blue Wave Continues: Kansas Rising (11/14/18)
Midterms Special: The Blue Wave Has Begun (11/8/18)
Halloween Special: The Kathy Griffin Interview (10/31/18
A Foreign Policy for the Left: Put Gas Station Dictatorships Out of Business (10/25/18)
The Media Industry is Complicit, and Good Journalists Pay the Price (10/17/18)
Robert Mueller Will Not Save You (10/10/18)
Kavanaugh Crisis and the Death of Checks and Balances (10/3/18)
The American Crisis: The View From Flyover Country, Part II (9/17/18)
The American Crisis: The View from Flyover Country, Part I (9/3/18)

Some interviews:

Washington Journal, CSPAN, hour-long interview on political and economic issues (12/29/18)

AM Joy, interviewed about Maria Butina (12/16/18)

Yahoo News, “Sarah Kendzior: It’s pathetic that the NRA and Republicans are this easily manipulated and complicit” (12/16/18)

CBC News, “It’s an arms race”, 12/4/18

The Current, interviewed about truth in the Trump era, 12/4/18

Pearson College talk and Q &A, 11/29/18

NPR, “View From Flyover Country” selected as one of the best books of 2018, 11/27/18

Marc Bernier Show, interview, 11/17/18

MSNBC/Alternet, “Expert in authoritarianism reveals why Trump shirked visit to US military cemetery in Paris” [clip of TV interview inside], 11/11/18

AM Joy, interviewed about Obama and birtherism, 10/16/18

Boston Book Fest, panel on politics and economy in the US, 10/13/18

Rick Smith Show, interview about Trump shitshow, 10/6/18

Panel with Michael Isikoff on Trump and Russia, St Louis Book Fest, 9/22/18

Rick Smith Show, interview on Kavanaugh and more, 9/20/18

AM Joy, interview on the Trump and media manipulation (9/9/18)

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