Hey everyone — long time, no see! Not much has happened in the two years since I’ve updated this website — just a global plague, an attempted coup, and my darkest fears about the transnational crime syndicate masquerading as a government realized. How’ve you been?

Since we last left off, I wrote two books. The first, HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT, came out in April 2020 and was an instant bestseller. It covers the rise of Trump in the context of the collapse of the United States over the past forty years. I recommend reading it now since the plots I describe are still in play, and I think that — unfortunately — due to recent events, people are more willing to accept the truth.

In September of this year, I published THEY KNEW. THEY KNEW is a ghost story and you are the ghosts. THEY KNEW is a book about conspiracies and complicity, and takes on a variety of topics (coups, climate change, covid). It’s also a travelogue, a memoir, a murder mystery, a history lesson, and more. It’s hard to describe so just take the ride. You can learn more here: Or buy it at:



Left Bank Books (autographed!):


I did a LOT of interviews about THEY KNEW and HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT but stopped cataloguing them all on this website in 2020, so sorry about that!

In other news, my podcast Gaslit Nation, cohosted with Andrea Chalupa, is now on its fourth year. You can listen to it anywhere you find podcasts, support us at Patreon ( or visit our archives at

That’s all for now! I am still on Twitter and will remain so until the bitter end, but I figured I should revive this zombie website just in case. A sincere thank you to everyone who has supported my work over these difficult years!

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