Welcome to the Authoritarian Kleptocracy, Part XX

Here’s a round-up of my latest articles and interviews:

Gutting net neutrality is a death knell for the resistance (11/26/17) — Globe and Mail
It’s time to purge the pervs from politics, and let women step in (11/17/17) — Fast Company
Jeff Sessions’ testimony proves how little the truth matters under Trump (11/15/17) — NBC News

Rewire, The Breach, “Sarah Kendzior on the ‘Oligarch envy haunting Trump” (11/28/17)
Rick Smith Show, “Sarah Kendzior on the potential death of the resistance” (11/27/17)
MSNBC, interview on Mueller probe, 11/26/17
UNBUILT, “Use Your Collusion: Writer and resistance leader Sarah Kendzior”, a long interview with me by Alex Skolnick, the lead guitarist of Testament!

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