Welcome to the Authoritarian Kleptocracy Part XVIII

Here are my articles and interviews from the past two weeks:

Fast Company, Why Puerto Rico Is Not Trump’s Katrina (9/27/17)

CPAC, “Perspective with Alison Smith: Mass Shooting and the Mood in America” (10/8/17) (Canadian TV interview; my segment is 20 min in)
AM Joy, inteview on the Russian interference investigation (10/6/17)
Springfield News-Leader, “For Sarah Kendzior, each day brings a new reason to resist Trump” (9/30/17)
Rob Burgess Show, interview on St Louis police brutality, Trump, foreign affairs, etc (9/27/17)

I’ve been publishing less this week in part because I’ve been busy working on a big project, which I will be able to announce soon. Stay tuned!

Also, Austin, I am headed your way and giving a talk on the Trump administration and American authoritarianism on October 19. Come by!

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