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More on the Andijon massacre

I have an op-ed about the Andijon massacre in the New York Times: On May 13, 2005, military forces dispatched by the government of Uzbekistan fired on a massive protest in the city of Andijon, killing hundreds of Uzbek citizens. The … Continue reading

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The payday loan crisis

My latest article for the Guardian is on the explosion of payday lending, which is a huge problem in Missouri and in the U.S. in general: I am driving down Route 180 in St Louis, Missouri, past empty plazas and vacant … Continue reading

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The Andijon Massacre: Ten years later

May 13, 2015 will mark the ten-year anniversary of the Andijon massacre: the day military troops in Uzbekistan shot and killed over 700 Uzbek citizens gathered at a protest in Andijon’s Bobur Square. Those of you who know me for … Continue reading

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