Welcome to the Authoritarian Kleptocracy, Part XXVIII

Apologies for the very long delay in website updates! We are now really on “Welcome to the Authoritarian Kleptocracy, Part One Billion”.

Here’s what happened on a personal level since I last posted in May. My book, The View From Flyover Country, became a bestseller. (You can buy it here.) I went on tour all over the country, and am still somewhat on tour, with appearances in Boston and Miami coming up in the next month. I signed a deal with Flatiron Books to write two more books, the first of which will come out in mid-2020.

In July, I launched a biweekly podcast with my friend and fellow journalist Andrea Chalupa. It’s called “Gaslit Nation” and it chronicles corruption in the Trump administration and the rise of authoritarianism in the US. “Gaslit Nation” quickly became a top 100 podcast for News & Politics and garnered over 1000 five star reviews on iTunes, stunning me and Andrea. (We really thought it would just be our moms and our stalkers listening!) Andrea and I are now trying to raise enough money for the podcast to go weekly. (If you would like to help keep us going, our Patreon is here.)

As all of this happened, the country continued to collapse, and I got lax about updating this site given the constant bombardment of horror and chaos and sadness and rage. It’s been an overwhelming time. I’m guessing you understand.

Anyway, here is a sampling of articles, interviews, and podcast episodes I did over the past four months. The rest are out there somewhere! I’ve gotten a lot of requests to update this website more frequently and I’ll try to keep it up. I’m very grateful for all the support from my readers and listeners.

Finally, and this goes without saying: PLEASE VOTE IN THE MIDTERM ELECTIONS. Vote like it’s the last ostensibly free and fair election you’ll ever see. Because it might be.

Globe and Mail

The resistance to Donald Trump is not what you think (9/29/18)
Kavanaugh hearing: When you’re a well-connected judge, you can do anything (9/21/18) –
For Paul Manafort, justice is finally served — but is it too late for America? (8/22/18)
The unspeakable cruelty of Trump’s child migrant camps (6/15/18)

Gaslit Nation

[The first three episodes are a three-part overview of 2016.]

Part I: Manafort, Wikileaks, and Trump’s Long Bromance With Putin (7/9/18)

Part II: Harry Reid, Access Hollywood, and the Comey Chameleon (7/23/18)

Part III: Robert Mueller and the Iron Triangles (8/7/18)

Episode 4: Computer Scientist Barbara Simons on Hacking, Paper Ballots, and Securing US Elections (8/21/18)

Episode 5: The American Crisis, Part I (9/3/18)

Episode 6: The American Crisis, Part II (9/19/18)

Some Interviews [I’ll add September when I find time]

Raw Story, “Jared Kushner ‘needs to be out now’ says expert on authoritarianism” (8/16/18)

Raw Story, “Authoritarianism expert demand Mueller act now as slow motion Saturday Night massacre rolls” (8/13 18) (MSNBC interview with me inside)

Raw Story, “Authoritarianism expert hints Linsday Graham may be covering for Trump” (MSNBC clip inside)

Raw Story, “Authoritarianism expert warns GOP may use claims of Russian hacking to avoid conceding seats” (8/4/18) (MSNBC interview with me inside)

WUYM, “Authoritarianism and Truth in Trump’s America: A Talk in Trump’s America” (8/3/18)

Triad City Beat, “Unsolicied Endorsement: Gaslit Nation Podcast” (8/2/18)

Yahoo News, “Sarah Kendzior: Maria Butina has been meeting with Republicans, NRA members for a long time” (7/21/18)

AV Club, review of my podcast Gaslit Nation (7/16/18)

CBS News, interview on the Missouri Senate race (7/15/18)

AM Joy, interview on indictments (7/14/18)

Eclectica Blog, “Do EVRYTHING You Can — with special guest Sarah Kendzior” (7/10/18)

Rick Smith Show, interview on SCOTUS, migrant kids, more (7/10/18)

Hypoallergenic, “The America That Wealth Forgot” (6/27/18)

HEC_TV “One on One with Sarah Kendzior” (6/17/18)

AM Joy, interview on Trump’s alliance of autocrats (6/22/18)

Crooks and Liars, “MSNBC Pundit: “Trump is not working for the United States” (6/15/18)

Street Roots, “Political journalist Sarah Kendzior on what Middle America can teach the rest of the country” (6/08/18)

Charlie Brennan Show, interview on St Louis, the economy, politics, more (5/22/18)

Rick Smith Show, “Sarah Kendzior sheds light on kleptocracy” (5/21/18)

AM Joy Interview wondering why officials did not intervene while aware a criminal syndicate was making moves on the executive branch (5/19/18)

AM Joy “Trump put a ‘USA – Going Out of Business Sale’ sign on the White House lawn” (5/19/18)

Traverse City Record Eagle “Flyover country offers a grim view of America” (5/18/18)

Colin McEnroe Show, Connecticut NPR, “An Hour With Sarah Kendzior”, (5/18/18)


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