Public Speaking

For over a decade, I have given talks around the world, frequently serving as a keynote speaker. Universities in the US at which I’ve given invited talks include Yale, Columbia, Washington University in St. Louis, University of California — Berkeley, Georgetown, NYU, Tufts, Indiana University, University of Michigan, and George Washington University. I’ve also given invited talks at universities and forums in Canada, Estonia, UK, Azerbaijan, Sweden, Australia, Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands, and Denmark.

If you’d like to book me as a speaker, please contact me at or contact my representative at Macmillan Speakers Bureau:

Collen Osbourne
Macmillan Speakers Bureau
(646) 307-5758


2019, Canadian Journalism Foundation, “Political Journalism in 2019”, Ottawa, Canada

2019, Whitman College, Hokosawa Lecture, Walla Walla, WA

2019, FOCUS St Louis, Being a Change Agent in a Divided Nation

2018, Q & A, Global Affairs Speaker Series, Pearson College, Victoria, Canada

2018, Byline Festival, “Trumpocracy”, UK

2018 “Information and Power in the Trump Era”, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY.

2018, Book Fest St Louis, “A View from the Heartland”

2018, Boston Book Festival, “Caught in the Middle: The Other America”

2018, Miami Book Fair, “Will American democracy survive Trump?”

2018, “From a Flawed Democracy to a Burgeoning Autocracy”, American Women’s Party conference, Washington DC

2018, Politics and Prose, reading and signing, Washington DC

2018, Boswell Book Company, reading and signing, Milwaukee WI

2018, Chicago Tribune Printers Row Lit Fest, panel discussion and signing

2018, Alberta Rose Theater, discussion with Amy Siskind, Portland OR

2018 LA Festival of Books, “Trump: The First Year”, panel conversation, Los Angeles, CA

2018 Housing Works Bookstore, discussion with Amy Siskind, New York, NY

2018, Left Bank Books, St Louis. Reading for “The View From Flyover Country”, April 17

2018  Q & A on Trump and authoritarianism, Forward Together, St Louis, MO

2018 “Transition: Crisis, Uncertainty, Opportunity”, University of Tennessee — Knoxville

2017 “Slavery and the Great Political Divide of the 1850s: Lesson for Today?”, Yale University, New Haven, CT

2017, Drury University, Springfield, MO. “Trump’s America: From Flawed Bureaucracy to Burgeoning Autocracy”

2017, Indivisible, Austin TX, “Understanding Autocracy”

2017 “The End of Growth, The End of Democracy?” Lake Balaton, Hungary

2017  Keynote, “Digital Media and Dictatorship”, XXI World Congress of the International Federation of Translators – Disruption and Diversification, Brisbane, Australia

2017 Keynote, Adam Renner Education for Social Justice, Rouge Forum, St Louis

2017  Keynote, Graduate Center for the Study of Culture at Giessen University, Germany

2017 “Dealing with the White House – The Limits of Transactional Foreign Policy”, Lennart Meri Conerence, Tallinn, Estonia

2017 “The Rise of American Authoritarianism”, University of Tallinn, Estonia

2017 “Othering and Belonging”, University of California, Berkeley

2017, “The state of democracy today”, CIVIX, Toronto, Canada

2017  Panel discussion on Orwell’s “1984”, Cinema St Louis, St Louis Public Library

2017 “Defending Dissent: Human Rights and Civil Society in the Global Crackdown”, Bernstein Institute for Human Rights, New York University

2017 Q & A on Trump and authoritarianism, University of Southern Illinois-Edwardsville

2017  Panel discussion on refugees, Muslim Student Association, St Louis University

2017  Panel discussion on journalism, education, authoritarianism, Rethink Education, New York

2017  “Resistance and surveillance”, Harris-Stowe State University, St. Louis MO

2017 “True/False Film Fest,” University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri

2017 “The Nativist Question”, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

2017  “President Trump and the authoritarian state”, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2017 “#Fakenews: innocuous or intolerable?” Sussex, UK

2017 IFTF Future of Democracy conference, Palo Alto, California

2017 Chicago Council on Global Affairs, “Media and Democracy”, Chicago, IL

2016 News XChange, Copenhagen, Denmark

2016 Presidential debate panel discussion, Washington University in St Louis

2016 “Trump and the 2016 Election”, McKendree University, IL

2016  “Data, Trends and Activism”, Murmuration Fest, St. Loius, MO

2016  “Diversity in International Affairs”, Washington University School of Law, St. Louis MO

2016 “Anthropology Beyond Academia”, Columbia University, New York NY

2016 “Social Responsibility: How to Balance Career with Civic and Service Passions”, Washington University, St Louis

2015 “Surviving the Creative Economy”. Creative Time Summit, Brooklyn NY

2015 “My Andijon does not remain”. Central Eurasian Studies conference, Washington DC

2015   “Diaspora and Dissent in Uzbekistan” for conference “Uzbekistan beyond the ‘Curtain’. Approaches, fieldworks and topics”. University of Uppsala, Sweden

2015  “The Andijon Massacre, ten years later”. Roundtable at George Washington University, Elliot School of International Affairs, DC

2015  “Humanities Careers Beyond Academia”.  Kling Honors Fellowship program, Washington University in St. Louis

2015 “The Future of Central Asian Studies: A Eulogy”. Keynote for Association for Central Eurasian Student annual meeting, Indiana University

2014   “Politics and Conflict Online in Central Asia”. Workshop at George Washington University, Elliot School of International Affairs

2014  “The Ideas Industry”, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, Boston

2014  “Peeking behind the Iron Curtain: Uzbekistan in 2014 and Beyond”, George Washington University, Washington DC

2014 “Youth and Media in Central Asia”, Global Studies Center, University of Pittsburgh

2014  “Strategic Partnership 2016: The Effect of the Upcoming Elections in the United States on its Relations with Russia and the Former Soviet Union”, Awareness Projects International, Boston

2014  “Digital Islam: How the Internet & Social Media are Reshaping the Islamic Marketplace in Central Asia,” University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

2013 “How (and Why) to Write for the Public” Department of Anthropology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

2013 “AAA Roundtable: Anthropologists on the Job Market: How Departments and Job Seekers Can Respond to the Employment Crisis.” American Anthropological Association meeting, Chicago, IL

2013 “Media and Democratization in Post-Soviet Nations”. Workshop, George Washington University, Washington, DC.

2013 “The Myth of the Skills Gap”. Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario. Toronto, Canada.

2013   “National security, social media and the publicity of academic findings”. Panelist. Worldviews conference on Global Trends in Media and Higher Education. Massey College, University of Toronto, Canada.

2013    “The under-reported story: The role of university campuses in the Arab Spring”. Panelist. Worldviews conference on Global Trends in Media and Higher Education. Massey College, University of Toronto, Canada.

2013   “Digital Memory and a Massacre: Post-Soviet Uzbek Identity in the Age of Social Media”, George Washington University, Washington DC. (Also presented at U.S. Department of State.)

2013 “A Tangled Web: Internet Censorship and Privacy”. Panel discussion hosted by the International Leadership Program, Washington University in St. Louis.

2013 “The Human Rights Information Revolution”. Panel moderator at annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative University, Washington University at St. Louis.

2013 “The Crisis of Consistency in Uzbekistan” Central Asia Security Workshop, George Washington University, Washington DC

2013 “Internet Revolutions and the Problem of Political Culture”. Guest speaker for course “Social Media and Global Change” at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

2013 “Beyond Succession: The Politics of Fear in Uzbekistan”. Conference on Potential Regime Change in Uzbekistan and its Ramifications, hosted by API. Seattle University, Washington.

2012 “The Effect of the Internet on Civic Engagement Under Authoritarianism: The Case of Azerbaijan”. 7th Annual Giganet Symposium, Baku, Azerbaijan.

2012 “The Internet in Central Asia and the Caucasus”. Central Eurasian Studies Society roundtable panelist, Indiana University, Bloomington.

2012 “Not Talking About a Revolution: The Internet in Post-Soviet Authoritarian States”. Harriman Institute, Columbia University, New York, NY.

2012 “Human Rights in Uzbekistan”. Panelist at Registan conference on Social Trends and Stability in Central Asia, Arlington, VA.

2012 “Challenges to Internet Freedom in Central Asia”. New America Foundation private roundtable on Digital Freedom of Expression and Civic Engagement in the Caucasus and Central Asia, Washington DC

2012  “The Impact of Social Media in Azerbaijan”. Internet at Liberty 2012: Promoting Progress and Freedom, sponsored by Google, Washington DC.

2012 “‘Recognize the Spies’: Transparency and Political Power in Uzbek Cyberspace”  Affective States: Exploring Emotion in Political Life, University of Manchester, UK.

2012 “Uzbekistan’s Digital Diaspora: Conflicting Views of Uzbek Identity Online”. Having Your Say Online: The People’s Voice in Authoritarian Contexts, sponsored by the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy at Georgetown University.

2011 “The Accidental Dissidents: Cynicism and the Politics of Uzbek Opposition
American Anthropological Association meeting, Montreal, Canada.

2010 “Reclaiming Ma’naviyat: Morality, Criminality and Dissident Politics in Uzbekistan”
Central States Anthropological Society meeting, University of Wisconsin, Madison.

2010 “The Andijon Massacre Reconsidered: Central Asia Five Years after the May 13
Events”. Roundtable organizer and panelist. Central Eurasian Studies Society
Conference, Michigan State University, East Lansing.

2009 “The Virtual Dissident: Uzbek Political Dissent in a Digital Age”
Association of Internet Researchers annual conference, Milwaukee, WI.

2009 “Reflections on ‘High Morality’: Official and Dissenting Views of Ma’naviyat in
Uzbekistan” Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropology Research, Workshop on
Anthropology of the State in Central Asia
, University of Manchester at Buxton, UK.

2008 “A Reporter without Borders: Internet Politics and State Violence in Uzbekistan”
Workshop on Times of Trouble: Violence in Eurasia, from Past to Present. Social
Science Research Council, New York, NY.

2006 “Uzbek Propaganda and the Invention of Akromiya”
Central Eurasian Studies Society Conference, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

2006 “The Invention of Akromiya in Uzbekistan” Middle East and Central Asia Politics,
Economic and Society Conference, University of Utah, Salt Lake City.

2005 “American Media Coverage of Uzbekistan” British Association for Slavonic
and East European Studies Conference on the Mass Media in Post-Soviet Russia,
University of Surrey, UK.

2005 “All the News Not Fit to Print: American Newspaper Coverage of Uzbekistan”
Central Eurasian Studies Society Conference, Boston University