Welcome to the Authoritarian Kleptocracy, Part XXI

My latest articles and interviews:

Alabama proves that appealing to Trump voters is a lost cause. The power is elsewhere (12/13/17) — Globe and Mail
With Trump, the GOP is playing a game of diminishing returns (12/13/17)

AM Joy, on Trump’s long history of being accused of rape and sexual assault (12/17/17)
AM Joy, on Trump’s statement that people will die as a result of the Mueller probe (12/17/17)
Crooks and Liars, “MSNBC Guest Sarah Kendzior: ‘Hysterical is just a word people used to describe women who speak the plain truth’ (12/17/17)
Daily Kos, “We won’t let democracy die, we’ll fight for net neutrality” (12/15/17)
AM Joy, On Donald Trump Jr as a liability to Trump (12/9/17)
Rob Burgess Show, “Ep 89: Sarah Kendzior”, long interview on Mueller probe, sexual assault charges, national parks, authoritarianism, net neutrality, etc (12/ 8/17)
Hellbent, “Literal Economic Anxiety”, 11/30/17

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