Here you will find information on my upcoming presentations and talks, recent media appearances, and past presentations.


Cosmopolitan, “Sarah Kendzior, Political Journalist” (1/30/17)
Columbia Tribune, Kendzior brings grounded provocations (3/2/17)
Savage Minds “Kendzior: In defense of complaining” (3/26/17)
Reddit AMA: “I’m Sarah Kendzior, a journalist who covers authoritarianism in the USA” (3/24/17)
The Wire, “A Cassandra in Trumpland: Sarah Kendzior’s Pithy Commentary on Privilege” (12/9/16)
PolicyMic, “Why You Should Never Have Taken That Prestigious Internship”. Q & A with me on the perils of the “prestige economy”. (6/14/13)
Savage Minds, “Savage Minds Interview: Sarah Kendzior” (5/12/13)
From PhD to Life, “Transition Q & A: Sarah Kendzior” (4/5/13)
Crikey, “Follow Friday: @sarahkendzior, commentator and the full Kendzior” (1/24/14)


2017 “Othering and Belonging”, University of California, Berkeley

2017 Topic TBA, Lennart Meri Conerence, Tallinn, Estonia

2017 Topic TBA, University of Tallinn, Estonia

2017 Keynote, Adam Renner Education for Social Justice, Rouge Forum, St Louis

2017  Keynote, Graduate Center for the Study of Culture at Giessen University, Germany

2017  Keynote, XXI World Congress of the International Federation of Translators – Disruption and Diversification, Brisbane, Australia

2017 “The End of Growth, The End of Democracy?” Lake Balaton, Hungary

2017 “Slavery and the Great Political Divide of the 1850s: Lesson for Today?”, Yale University


The Agenda, “The Authoritarian Appeal”, TV panel discussion on authoritarianism in the West (4/26/17)

The Flare, “Journalists on self-care” (4/26/17) [and by self-care I mean “fried chicken”]

Shareblue, “Dictator expert warns: Trump has been obsessed with nuclear weapons since 1984” (4/17/17)

Raw Story, “North Korea threat risks triggering Trump’s 30-year ‘obsession’ with using nukes: authoritarian regime expert” (link to full clip of AM Joy appearance inside) (4/16/17)

AM Joy, MSNBC, discussed Trump, North Korea and nukes (4/16/17)

Rewire, The Breach, “In the Shadow of Putin with Sarah Kendzior” (4/10/17)

Rick Smith Show, “Sarah Kendzior on not buying Trump’s baby epiphany” (4/10/17)

Politics and Polls, Princeton University, “Unraveling the Trump Russia Saga” (4/6/17)

Rick Smith Show, interview on Russia with Andrea Chalupa (3/29/17)

Savage Minds “Kendzior: In defense of complaining” (3/26/17)

Crooks and Liars “Sarah Kendzior: Nunes a lapdog, not a watchdog (tape of AM Joy appearance) (3/24/16)

Reddit AMA: “I’m Sarah Kendzior, a journalist who covers authoritarianism in the USA” (3/24/17)

Marie Claire, 10 must-see Twitter accounts covering Trump’s every move (3/23/17)

NPR, Indvisible, “What happens when we put politics over needs” (3/23/17)

Rick Smith Show, “Sarah Kendzior talks Russia, Russia, Russia” (3/23/17)

Electablog “The slow rise of an American authoritarian regime” (3/21/17)

Columbia Tribune, Kendzior brings grounded provocations (3/2/17)

BBC, “Reactions to Trump’s speech to Congress” (48 min in) (3/1/17)

AM Joy, on Trump and Russia (2/26/17)

AM Joy, MSNBC, on Trump and Russia, part 1 and part 2 (2/24/17)

Rick Smith Show, “Make Nuclear Weapons Great Again” (2/23/17)

De Balie, “Sarah Kendzior on Trump and the Authoritarian State (2/19/17)

CJR, Beyond the parachute: Newsrooms rethink centralized model (2/6/17)

Crooks and Liars “Kendzior: Press should stop acting like Botoxed Riefenstahls” (link to AM Joy appearance inside) (2/5/17)

AM Joy, discussion on Trump and the media (2/4/17)

Ottawa Today, interview on Trump admin (1/30/31)

Crooks and Liars, “Sarah Kendzior dissects how extremists are taking over the White House” (clip of AM Joy appearance inside) (1/29/17)

The Bossy Show, “Activism in Trump’s America” (1/23/17)

AM Joy, MSNBC, discussion of authoritarianism in the US (1/23/17)

News XChange, “Sarah Kendzor Highlight”, video of me debating a Breitbart employee. From November, posted in January

Chicago Council, “One more question with Sarah Kendzior” (1/19/17)

Chicago Council, “Media and Democracy in a Post-Truth era” (1/19/17)

NewsRadio 610 WIOD, Fernard Amandi, discussion of Trump administration (1/16/17)

MSNBC, Joy Reid Show, discussion of Trump and Russia (1/7/17)

Rick Smith Show, “Sarah Kendzior talks media manipulation in the Trump era” (1/4/17)


CBS Detroit, Trump Trying To ‘Fulfill Fantasy’ Of Teaming Up With Russia, Political Writer Says (12/24/16)

The 451, Interview on authoritarianism (12/16/16)

The Remix, What to fear from Trump presidency: authoritarianism, kleptocracy, Russia (12/19/16)

Teen Vogue, “Russian hacking poses a threat to American security and the presidency” (12/19/16)

Never Again, statement by tech workers against abuse of power (12/18/16)

MSNBC, Joy Reid, panel on Trump and Russia (12/16/16)

Zak Fanni, “How Trump is creating an authoritarian America” (12/16/16)

Muftah, “Sarah Kendzior on Trump, Resistance, Media” (12/14/16)

BBC News, “Why Voice of America matters outside the US” (12/15/16)

The Wire, “A Cassandra in Trumpland: Sarah Kendzior’s Pithy Commentary on Privilege” (12/9/16)

David Pakman Show, “Will any people not suffer under Donald Trump’s kleptocracy?” (12/9/16)

Ottawa Today with Mark Sutcliffe, Interview on Trump, (12/5/16, 12:00-1:00 segment)

Redline on 910AM Super Station-Detroit, interview on Trump (11/28/16)

KFPA, Interview on Trump and kleptocracy (six minutes in)

MSNBC, Joy Reid, Interview on Trump and kleptocracy (11/27/14)

TRT World, “Interview with Sarah Kendzior on the Trump presidency” (11/25/16)

NPR, “The Scramble has some questions about our new Trumpian reality” (11/21/16)

Al Jazeera “Normalizing Trump: The US media whitewash” (11/19/16)

Who What Why “A dark view from flyover country” (11/18/16)

CBC, “Trump nation” (11/10/16)

Global Journalist, “Uzbekistan after Karimov” (10/21/16)

NPR, The Scramble: Trump’s conspiracies threaten democracy (10/17/16)

KALW, “Media coverage of women and sexual assault” (10/14/16)

CBC, interviewed on Trump and sexual assault on 13 CBC radio outlets (10/13/16)

Ottawa Today with Mark Sutcliffe, Interview on Trump campaign (10/12/16)

NewsTalk, New Zealand, “Clinton vs Trump: Second Presidential Debate” (10/10/16)

Ottawa Today with Mark Sutcliffe, Interview on Trump campaign (9/12/16)

This Is Hell Radio, “Lockout” Interview on Uzbekistan (9/10/16)

Radio Free Europe, “Uzbekistan Without Karimov” (9/11/16)

Salaam Media, South Africa, interview on Uzbekistan’s past and future (9/9/16)

The Stream, Al Jazeera, “The future of Uzbekistan” (9/8/16)

Contemptor, “Media’s disgraceful coverage of Darren Seals reveals utter disdain for Ferguson” (9/7/16)

BBC World Service, interview on Uzbekistan about 26 minutes in. (9/3/16) [Not the greatest interview because an earthquake shook my house right before I went on! ]

Al Jazeera English, live interview on Uzbekistan (9/3/16)

CBC, Uzbeks experience “mass anxiety, mourning and worry” after president’s death (9/2/16)

ArHaberlar Arabic-language interview on Uzbekistan (9/2/16)

MO*nieuwsbrieven “Vermist: Oezbeekse dictator. Gezocht: toekomstplan voor explosief werelddeel” (9/2/16) On Uzbekistan

Wiadomosci,”Zbliza sie koniec Islama Karimow. Kto nastanie po smierci dyktatora?” (8/31). Polish interview on Uzbekistan

Mediaite, The Associated Press gets busted tweeting fake Trump vs Clinton electoral map (8/28/16)

Now This, Interview about election (8/25/16)

Onet “Na linii frontu”. Wraca widmo “resetu” w relacjach z Rosją. Kendzior: Clinton nie będzie prowadzić takiej polityki” (8/14/16)

BBC World Service, interviewed live on the election (8/8/16)

MSNBC, Live with Richard Lui (8/7/16)

News Talk 700, Calgary, interview on the election (7/26/16)

Ottawa Today, Mark Sutcliffe Show, interview on Trump (7/21/16, 10-11 slot, 34 minutes in)

This Is Hell, “The media has an economy-shaped blindspot when covering young people” (7/9/16)

TVO, “How does greater access to details of tragedy affect the public?” (7/18/16)

Ottawa Today with Mark Sutcliffe, 1310 News, Interview on election (6/28/16)

Onet, “Wybory prezydenckie w USA. Sarah Kendzior: kampania zrobiła się ohydna, Clinton nie zdaje sobie sprawy z powagi sytuacji”(6/17/16)

Ottawa Today, Interview about the election (5/6/16)

This Is Hell “Writer Sarah Kendzior visits a dying Midwestern town with big hopes for Donald Trump” (4/16/16)

Paul Samuel Dolman, “Sarah Kendzior” — interview on politics, election, etc (4/5/16)

This Is Hell, “Writer Sarah Kendzior reports on the tabloid spectacle of Trump’s campaign through the Midwest” (3/26/16)

CBC, “Trump violence nothing to do with mob mentality: psychologist” (3/15/16) –I’m interviewed as the opposing perspective

National Geographic, “The surprising origin of the phrase ‘flyover country'” (3/15/16)

FXStreet “Forex Live Analysis Room: Sarah Kendzior Interview” (3/11/16)

Next STL “Episode 3: Sarah Kendzior” (1/26/16)

Wiselike “Sarah Kendzior: AMA” (2/11/16)


This Is Hell, “Exploring the ties and tensions between Ferguson’s Jewish and Palestinian activists” (10/24/15)

Fars News, “Sarah Kendzior: Policies Like ‘Stop and Frisk’ Do Not Make Communities Safer” (9/24/14)

Georgetown Public Policy Review, “Interview with Sarah Kendzior” (9/10/15)

Here and There with Dave Marash, hour-long interview on Central Asian politics (9/1/15)

St. Louis Public Radio, “Sarah Kendzior shows the U.S. ‘The View from Flyover Country’” (8/18/15)

NPR, “On the Media”, “A Never-Ending Nightmare in Ferguson” (8/14/15/)

Poynter, “Freelance writer Sarah Kendzior: ‘Geography is essential to understanding Ferguson’” (8/12/15)

This is Hell, “Journalist Sarah Kendzior explains how Uzbeks turned a hashtag against a dictatorship” (7/25/15)

De Correspondent, Interview: Wie het Amerika (én Nederland) van nu wil begrijpen, moet @sarahkendzior volgen (6/26/15) (In Dutch)

BBC Uzbek, interviewed by Uzbek novelist Hamid Ismailov (6/18/15) (In Uzbek)

MSNBC, Alex Witt, “Can the cycle of debt be broken?” (5/23/15)

HuffPost Live, segment on payday loans, (5/11/15)

“Watchdogs say U.S. turned blind eye to Uzbek abuse”, Foreign Policy, (4/15/15)

“After Ferguson, journalist Sarah Kendzior looks to the future of a protest movement”, This Is Hell radio (3/28/14)

NPR, “Cashing in on Ferguson”, On the Media  (3/13/15)


Al Jazeera English, Listening Post, “Ferguson: Riots, race and the media” (11/29/14)

BBC World Service, “Have Your Say”, Interviewed live on radio about Ferguson (11/25/14)

McGraw Show, KTRS, “Ferguson and the Politics of Fear Debated” (10/24/14)

Riverfront Times, Named Best Reporter (Online Edition) in St. Louis for 2014 (9/24/14)

This is Hell, “After Ferguson, Sarah Kendzior shows us the ruins of black suburban St. Louis that lie just beyond the media’s interest” (9/6/14)

Adjunct Action, “Conversation with Sarah Kendzior” (8/29/14)

Sirius XM, The Agenda, live interview on article “The view from flyover country” (8/25/14/)

NPR, On the Media, “The Media Came to Town” (8/22/14)

Minnesota Public Radio, The Daily Circuit, “How the ‘princess effect’ hurts female politicians” (7/29/14)

MSNBC, The Cycle, “How the Princess Effect Demeans Women” (7/11/14)

Sirius XM, POTUS, Live interview on my Politico article “The Princess Effect” (7/9/14)

USA Today, “Young Americans stand firmly against unpaid internships” (6/16/14)

FDL, “Sarah Kendzior’s Unwanted Twitter Adventure” (6/10/14)

Newsweek, “Ready on the Left” (6/9/14)

VICE, “Google Is Even More White and Male Than You Thought — and So Is Everyone Who’s Writing About It” (5/30/14)

WordPress, “Journalists share their stories on WordPress” (5/7/14)

Tech Crunch, “The Censorship Effect” (5/3/14)

Chronicle of Higher Education, “Scholars Wrestle With Challenges of Engaging with Policy Makers” (4/30/14)

This Is Hell, “Liquidity Trap”. Interview on the gender gap and class discrimination in policy (4/12/14)

KRUU FM 100.1, “Generation whY”, Iowa. Interview on youth and the economy (/4/11/14)

WMNF 88.5, Tampa radio. Interview on lack of women in policy and media (4/10/14)

Voice of America — Uzbek “Boston ilm ahli Rossiya va Markaziy Osiyo xususida anjumanga yig’ildi” (interviewed on Central Asia and Crimea in Uzbek) (4/6/14)

The Nation, “A Very Serious Problem With Very Serious Journalism” (interview about my AJE piece on discrimination in foreign policy) (3/26/14)

Armstrong and Getty Show, Interviewed on live radio about my Politico article on “disaster porn”: (2/23/14) and again (3/3)

Fox News, The Jaco Report, “St. Louis: Inexpensive city, good for business” (2/15/14). TV interview on the prestige economy and the advantages of cheap cities.

ROI Media,”The revolution will not be televised — it will be tweeted”  (2/6/14)

Citizen Radio, Interviewed by Allison Kilkenny and Jamie Kilstein about bullying and social/mainstream media (2/5/14)

Poetic Justice, “Surviving the Post-Employment Economy” (1/28/14), “Sarah Kendzior says what we have all been afraid to say” (1/26/14)

BBS Radio, “Lena Live” (1/23/14)

This Is Hell, “Priced Out of Creativity”. Interviewed by Chuck Mertz on about my Al Jazeera article “Expensive cities are killing creativity” (1/18/14) (Transcript here)

The Youngist, “Huffington Post’s Exploited Voices” (1/15/14)


Foreign Policy, “Presenting the Albies of 2013”. My Twitter feed named among “the best writing in global political economy for the past calendar year” (12/31/13)

The Telegraph, “42 awesome women you need in your life on Twitter”(12/19/13)

Ferghana News, Вашингтон больше не интересуют исследования Центральной Азии (“Washington losing interest in Central Asia:), interviewed (12/17/13)

Democracy Journal, “Closed Network”. Interviewed in Jillian C. York’s article on lack of recognition for female public intellectuals (12/11/13)

Daily Princetonian, “U. job website criticized on social media for alleged racial stereotyping” (12/11/13)

BoingBoing, “Presenting political argument on Twitter, and the ‘prestige economy'”. Nice write-up of my ideas from Cory Doctorow (12/1/13)

Daily Maverick, “Job creation’ is wishful thinking, not policy”. Applying my theory of the post-employment economy to South Africa (11/26/13)

Spiritual Journalism, “I have seen tomorrow, and it looks like Kazakhstan” (11/11/13) Good analysis of my journalistic roots in Central Asia .

1380 AM “Let’s Talk Shop” with Teacha Tigue and Dawn Meadows. Interview about media, economy and working for Al Jazeera English (10/30/13)

Slate, “‘I Quit Academia,” an Important, Growing Subgenre of American Essays”. In which I am “Al-Jazeera English’s firebrand of social and economic justice” (10/24/13)

St. Louis Magazine, “Generation Now”. Chosen as one of 15 “inspirational people who are shaping the city”. (10/18/13) Video here.

Tadween, “Interview: Sarah Kendzior on Open Access in Academia” (10/15/13) Reprinted at Jadaliyya (10/28/13)

Eric Garland, “Exploitation should not be a rite of passage”: “Her intellectual voice is the equivalent of a Les Paul through a 100 watt Marshall amp – broad, powerful and piercing because of its rigor and lack of compromise.” (10/10/13)

5Harfliler, “‘Sömürülmek başarıya giden yolda bir safha olmamalı’” Long interview with me in Turkish about my career, academia, and labor exploitation (10/9/13) English here.

The Telegraph, “US government shutdown: anger and disbelief as closures begin” (9/30/13)

Buzzfeed, “14 Tweets That Shut Down Twitter” (9/30/13) I shut down Twitter while incompetence shut down the government.

Informed Commoner, “The Great Sarah Kendzior Catch-up!” (9/27/13) Another nice write-up.

The Baffler, “Academy Fight Song”. My “hard-hitting articles on the adjunct situation” cited by Thomas Frank (August 2013)

Foreign Policy, “The FP Twitterati 100”. Named by Foreign Policy magazine as one of “the 100 people you should be following to make sense of global events” (8/13/13)

The Nation, “Want to Make Internships More Just? Stop Requiring School Credit” (6/28/13)

Global Post, “‘Meaningless’ music? Banned in Uzbekistan!” (6/24/13)

VOA Uzbek, “As Uzbeks share their pain on the internet, they create their own identity”. In Uzbek. (6/12/13)

BBC Uzbek, “Three years after the tragedy in southern Kyrgyzstan, how are people getting by?” In Uzbek. (6/7/13)

Informed Commoner, “The Best of Sarah Kendzior”. Nice write-up of my work (5/18/13)

Monocle 24 radio, live interview about Chechnya and ethnic prejudice in the US (4/21/13)

HuffPost Live, “The Politics of Chechnya” (4/19/13)

Jim Richards Show, NewsTalk 1010. Spoke on live radio about discrimination against Muslims after Boston bombings. (4/19/13)

Voice of America, “An American scholar analyzes Central Asia in the age of the internet”(Print interview in Uzbek) (4/14/13) (TV interview in English, original)

Washington Post, “Uzbekistan officials call Harlem Shake ‘a vortex full of meaninglessness and shamelessness'” (4/10/13)

Voice of America, “Experts: Central Asia on the threshold of an uncertain future” (in Uzbek) (3/27/13)

Buzzfeed, “How Foreign Governments Make Sure You Don’t Know They’re Lobbying You” (3/21/13)

O Estado de S. Paulo, “Vigiar ou sumir” (Watch or Disappear). Interview with me about terrorist groups and censorship on Twitter. Q & A here. (3/17/13)

Radio Free Europe, “How Social Networks Are Dealing With Terrorists” (2/19/13)

Anthropology Works, “The 64 best cultural anthropology dissertations: 2012” (2/10/13)

The Seattle Spectator, “Speakers Address Election Fraud in Uzbekistan” (1/23/13), “Impacting the world one paper upload at a time: Spotlight on Sarah Kendzior” (1/22/13)

BBC Uzbek, “Conference in Seattle on regime change in Uzbekistan”. Uzbek-language interview on political succession in Uzbekistan (1/20/13)

CBC News, “Aaron Swartz and the Battle for Open Access” (1/17/13)

HuffPost Live, “Aaron Swartz’s Legacy”. Interviewed on academic paywalls and publishing. (1/15/13)


Foreign Policy, In Defense of Civil Society. Response to my article, Stop Talking About Civil Society (12/20/12)

Voice of America Uzbek “Sara Kendzior: O’qimishli fuqarolarga imkon bermaslik – O’zbekiston fojiasi” (“Sarah Kendzior: The tragedy of Uzbekistan is that educated citizens are being denied opportunities”) (12/20/12)

Radio Free Europe, “Gulnara Karimova takes the fight to Twitter” (11/30/12)

BBC Uzbek, “‘Twitter’ da Gulnora Karimova va ‘boshqa’lar bilan dahanaki jangnter”. (“A war of words between Gulnara Karimova and ‘others’ on Twitter”). Interview about the daughter of the dictator of Uzbekistan attacking me on Twitter (11/30/12)

Azadliq (Radio Free Europe – Azerbaijan), interviewed live in the studio about internet use in Azerbaijan (11/7/12)

Al Jazeera, The Stream, “The Meme Election” (10/31/12)

Der Standard, “Die hungernden Doktoren der Neuen Welt”. Interviewed on my Al Jazeera article “The closing of American academia” (10/5/2012)

United Academics Magazine, “UA Podcast: The Misuse of the ‘Muslim World'” Podcast about my Al Jazeera article “The fallacy of the phrase, ‘the Muslim world'”. (9/26/12)

Voice of America, “Freedom of Speech and the Dangerous Games of East and West”. In Russian. Interviewed about stereotypical portrayal of Muslims in media, especially in former Soviet Union. (9/24/12)

HuffPost Live, “Higher Ed, Lower Wages”. Interviewed for segment on my Al Jazeera article “The Closing of American Academia” (8/29/12)

BBC Azeri, “Why are there no young leaders?” Interviewed on Azerbaijan’s political prospects. In Azerbaijani. (8/22/12)

Turan News Agency, “Risks and vulnerabilities of Azeri mobile phone services”. Interview on mobile internet security and political repression in Azerbaijan (8/1/12) Also in Russian

Transitions Online, “Fear and self-censorship on the Uzbek internet”. Review of my New America Foundation article on Uzbek internet freedom (7/31/12)

BBC World Service, Interviewed on live radio about the conflict in Tajikistan (7/29/12)

Foreign Policy, “Introducing the FPwomeratti”. Included on list of top 100 female foreign policy experts on Twitter (6/19/12)

BBC Uzbek, “‘Ўзбекистонда ўз ҳуқуқингни билиш давлатга қарши амал’..ми?” Uzbek-language interview about law and justice in Uzbekistan (6/19/12)

Student Life, “Exploring the effects of ‘Slacktivism'”. Interview about online activism and the Kony2012 case (4/26/12)

Radio Free Europe, “How Azerbaijan’s Government Crushes Online Dissent”. Article about my new paper in the Journal of Communication (3/14/12)

Voice of America, Russian service: “Uzbekistan has banned Wikipedia”. Interview with me on online media censorship in Uzbekistan (2/25/12)

TIME magazine: Must-Reads from Around the World (2/24/12)

Turan News Agency: “Azeri government increases its control over the Internet”. Q & A about internet and politics in Azerbaijan. (1/11/12) (also available in Russian and Azerbaijani)

Denver News 7 (KMGH-TV): “Aurora Terror Suspect Once Known As Human Rights Activist”. Interviewed as expert on human rights in Uzbekistan. (1/25/12)


2017, “The state of democracy today”, CIVIX, Toronto, Canada

2017  Panel discussion on Orwell’s “1984”, Cinema St Louis, St Louis Public Library

2017 Q & A on Trump and authoritarianism, University of Southern Illinois-Edwardsville

2017  Panel discussion on refugees, Muslim Student Association, St Louis University

2017  Panel discussion on journalism, education, authoritarianism, Rethink Education, New York

2017 “Defending Dissent: Human Rights and Civil Society in the Global Crackdown”, Bernstein Institute for Human Rights, New York University

2017  “Resistance and surveillance”, Harris-Stowe State University, St. Louis MO

2017 “True/False Film Fest,” University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri

2017 “The Nativist Question”, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

2017  “President Trump and the authoritarian state”, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2017 “#Fakenews: innocuous or intolerable?” Sussex, UK

2017 IFTF Future of Democracy conference, Palo Alto, California

2017 Chicago Council on Global Affairs, “Media and Democracy”, Chicago, IL

2016 News XChange, Copenhagen, Denmark

2016 Presidential debate panel discussion, Washington University in St Louis

2016 “Trump and the 2016 Election”, McKendree University, IL

2016  “Data, Trends and Activism”, Murmuration Fest, St. Loius, MO

2016  “Diversity in International Affairs”, Washington University School of Law, St. Louis MO

2016 “Anthropology Beyond Academia”, Columbia University, New York NY

2016 “Social Responsibility: How to Balance Career with Civic and Service Passions”, Washington University, St Louis

2015 “Surviving the Creative Economy”. Creative Time Summit, Brooklyn NY

2015 “My Andijon does not remain”. Central Eurasian Studies conference, Washington DC

2015   “Diaspora and Dissent in Uzbekistan” for conference “Uzbekistan beyond the ‘Curtain’. Approaches, fieldworks and topics”. University of Uppsala, Sweden

2015  “The Andijon Massacre, ten years later”. Roundtable at George Washington University, Elliot School of International Affairs, DC

2015  “Humanities Careers Beyond Academia”.  Kling Honors Fellowship program, Washington University in St. Louis

2015 “The Future of Central Asian Studies: A Eulogy”. Keynote for Association for Central Eurasian Student annual meeting, Indiana University

2014   “Politics and Conflict Online in Central Asia”. Workshop at George Washington University, Elliot School of International Affairs

2014  “The Ideas Industry”, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, Boston

2014  “Peeking behind the Iron Curtain: Uzbekistan in 2014 and Beyond”, George Washington University, Washington DC

2014 “Youth and Media in Central Asia”, Global Studies Center, University of Pittsburgh

2014  “Strategic Partnership 2016: The Effect of the Upcoming Elections in the United States on its Relations with Russia and the Former Soviet Union”, Awareness Projects International, Boston

2014  “Digital Islam: How the Internet & Social Media are Reshaping the Islamic Marketplace in Central Asia,” University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

2013 “How (and Why) to Write for the Public” Department of Anthropology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

2013 “AAA Roundtable: Anthropologists on the Job Market: How Departments and Job Seekers Can Respond to the Employment Crisis.” American Anthropological Association meeting, Chicago, IL

2013 “Media and Democratization in Post-Soviet Nations”. Workshop, George Washington University, Washington, DC.

2013 “The Myth of the Skills Gap”. Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario. Toronto, Canada.

2013   “National security, social media and the publicity of academic findings”. Panelist. Worldviews conference on Global Trends in Media and Higher Education. Massey College, University of Toronto, Canada.

2013    “The under-reported story: The role of university campuses in the Arab Spring”. Panelist. Worldviews conference on Global Trends in Media and Higher Education. Massey College, University of Toronto, Canada.

2013   “Digital Memory and a Massacre: Post-Soviet Uzbek Identity in the Age of Social Media”, George Washington University, Washington DC. (Also presented at U.S. Department of State.)

2013 “A Tangled Web: Internet Censorship and Privacy”. Panel discussion hosted by the International Leadership Program, Washington University in St. Louis.

2013 “The Human Rights Information Revolution”. Panel moderator at annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative University, Washington University at St. Louis.

2013 “The Crisis of Consistency in Uzbekistan” Central Asia Security Workshop, George Washington University, Washington DC

2013 “Internet Revolutions and the Problem of Political Culture”. Guest speaker for course “Social Media and Global Change” at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

2013 “Beyond Succession: The Politics of Fear in Uzbekistan”. Conference on Potential Regime Change in Uzbekistan and its Ramifications, hosted by API. Seattle University, Washington.

2012 “The Effect of the Internet on Civic Engagement Under Authoritarianism: The Case of Azerbaijan”. 7th Annual Giganet Symposium, Baku, Azerbaijan.

2012 “The Internet in Central Asia and the Caucasus”. Central Eurasian Studies Society roundtable panelist, Indiana University, Bloomington.

2012 “Not Talking About a Revolution: The Internet in Post-Soviet Authoritarian States”. Harriman Institute, Columbia University, New York, NY.

2012 “Human Rights in Uzbekistan”. Panelist at Registan conference on Social Trends and Stability in Central Asia, Arlington, VA.

2012 “Challenges to Internet Freedom in Central Asia”. New America Foundation private roundtable on Digital Freedom of Expression and Civic Engagement in the Caucasus and Central Asia, Washington DC

2012  “The Impact of Social Media in Azerbaijan”. Internet at Liberty 2012: Promoting Progress and Freedom, sponsored by Google, Washington DC.

2012 “‘Recognize the Spies’: Transparency and Political Power in Uzbek Cyberspace”  Affective States: Exploring Emotion in Political Life, University of Manchester, UK.

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American Anthropological Association meeting, Montreal, Canada.

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Conference, Michigan State University, East Lansing.

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Association of Internet Researchers annual conference, Milwaukee, WI.

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Uzbekistan” Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropology Research, Workshop on
Anthropology of the State in Central Asia
, University of Manchester at Buxton, UK.

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Science Research Council, New York, NY.

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and East European Studies Conference on the Mass Media in Post-Soviet Russia,
University of Surrey, UK.

2005 “All the News Not Fit to Print: American Newspaper Coverage of Uzbekistan”
Central Eurasian Studies Society Conference, Boston University

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