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The price of creativity

From my latest, Expensive cities are killing creativity: New York – and San Francisco, London, Paris and other cities where cost of living has skyrocketed – are no longer places where you go to be someone. They are places you … Continue reading

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Best of 2013

I want to thank the hundreds of thousands of people who read and shared my work this year. I never expected that so many long-form op-eds on corruption, repression and inequality would go viral. I was startled to learn that … Continue reading

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On charity and justice

An excerpt from my latest, Charity is not a substitute for justice: Charity, as a supplement to justice, should be applauded. But charity as a substitute for justice is neither charity nor justice. It is cruelty. The same week that … Continue reading

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On professional identity and lost opportunity

My new article for the Chronicle of Higher Education is called Professional Identity: A Luxury Few Can Afford. An excerpt: In a post-employment economy ridden with arbitrary credentialism, a résumé is often not a reflection of achievement but a document … Continue reading

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