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The election and the threat of white supremacist violence

If you’re going to read anything I write about the election this week, make it this piece for De Correspondent — on white supremacist mobs, political violence, and a crisis in US journalism: It is a terrible feeling to sense … Continue reading

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Conspiracies and machinations: what’s going on with the FBI?

For about a year, I have been arguing that Trump is trying to pull fringe movements to the center and mainstream extremism — and has succeeded thanks to the cooperation of ratings-hungry, morally vacant members of media. (When I pointed this out on … Continue reading

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What’s next for Uzbekistan? Karimov’s legacy and Mirziyoyev’s challenges

I wrote a 3000-word essay for World Politics Review on Uzbekistan’s history as an independent state, the rise of Islam Karimov, the death of Karimov, and the challenges for his successor, Shavkat Mirziyoyev. The essay explains how and why authoritarian leaders … Continue reading

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On irrational exuberance

For the Globe and Mail, I wrote about the virtues of low enthusiasm when it comes to political candidates: If this election has taught us anything, it is that enthusiasm for a political figure can be dangerous. It is a … Continue reading

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More on Trump’s “rigged” allegations

My article on the third debate for the Globe and Mail: In Mr. Trump’s alternate reality, Ms. Clinton occupies two contradictory positions. First, she is so powerful that she is unilaterally responsible for everything that has happened in the U.S. … Continue reading

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Two new articles on the election

Too busy to update this site lately. A couple of new(ish) articles on the election: Donald Trump’s conspiracy theories are making his supporters paranoid — and dangerous (10/13/16) <– This article was about the possibility of armed white supremacists plotting … Continue reading

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The debate from hell

For the Globe and Mail, some thoughts on the worst presidential debate in US history: Who won the debate? Does it matter? When this country has sunk this low – after a year dominated by bigotry and threats and now … Continue reading

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Midwestern Nice, Midwestern Lies

Last night I got to watch two Midwesterners debate each other in a style any Missouri resident knows well — “Midwestern nice.” On Kaine vs Pence: The vice-presidential debate was Midwestern Nice meets Midwestern Lies. An anticipated snoozefest between two … Continue reading

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The Murder of Darren Seals

For De Correspondent, I wrote about the murder of Darren Seals, a Ferguson activist who believed the local movement here had been coopted: September 6, 2016, Darren Seals, a Ferguson protester and local activist, was found dead in St. Louis’s … Continue reading

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The soft bigotry of Trumpian expectations

More on the presidential debate for Quartz: That is the difference between skepticism and nihilism. The latter is what some elite journalists did by declaring Trump the winner before he opened his mouth. That is a capitulation to incompetence, the … Continue reading

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