“The View From Flyover Country”: Interviews and reviews

What a week! My book “The View From Flyover Country” is now a critically acclaimed best-seller — again. This collection of essays on the erosion of institutions and social trust in the US was originally written in 2012-2014, self-published as an ebook on Amazon in 2015, became a big hit after the 2016 election, and was rereleased in print with additional essays about the Trump era on April 17, 2018.

Apparently it takes four years for my ideas to go from “This is far too pessimistic” to “What an accurate and unflinching portrayal of American reality” — so at this rate, you will have some excellent reading  to curl up with in your fallout shelters in 2020!

Just kidding! (Sort of.) Anyway, thank you to everyone who bought the book, turned out for the readings, and supported my writing over the last six years. The reason I write about the subjects I do is because a problem that is not documented cannot be solved, so I’m glad my book is being so widely read.

Last week I did panels and signings in St. Louis, New York, and Los Angeles, and did a LOT of interviews about authoritarianism, economic decline, geographic inequality, racism, Russia and, of course, Trump. I recommend checking them out, especially the panels I did with other authors researching the same topics. Here is a partial list:


Late Night With Seth Meyers, “Sarah Kendzior on the Systemic Issues That Will Outlast Trump” (4/24/18)

Late Night With Seth Meyers “Sarah Kendzior and the Problem With Journalists” (4/24/18)

Crooks and Liars “Sarah Kendzior Graces Seth Meyers with Nine Straight Minutes of Brilliance” [clips and partial transcript from my appearance on “Late Night With Seth Meyers” inside] (4/25/18)

Village Voice, “All the Disquiet on the Midwestern Front” (4/26/18)

CSPAN, Los Angeles Festival of Books, “Author Discussion on Trump’s First Year”, featuring me, David Cay Johnston, and Steve Almond (4/21/18)

St. Louis Public Radio, St. Louis journalist Sarah Kendzior in conversation with Don Marsh (4/17/18)

Morning Joe, MSNBC, interview (4/26/18)

Raw Story, “Journalist Sarah Kendzior goes on Morning Joe and calls out Joe and Mika for fueling Trump’s rise” [clip of my appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” inside] (4/26/18)

CSPAN, “Open Calls with Sarah Kendzior” (4/21/18)

Brian Lehrer Show, WYNC, “America is Purple Like a Bruise” (4/24/18)

Raw Story, “Journalist Sarah Kendzior has bad news for Seth Meyers: If I’m on TV, then you know America is in bad shape” (4/25/18)

Jim Bohannon Show, interview (4/19/18)

Make it Plain with Mark Thompson, SIRIUSXM, interview (4/25/18)

Other PPL with Brad Listi, interview, (4/20/18)

Housing Works (4/25/18), conversation between me and Amy Siskind


St Louis Post-Dispatch: “‘Flyover country’ gets attention with essays by Sarah Kendzior” (4/21/18)

New York Post, “This week’s must-read books” (4/20/18)

New York Times, “New and Noteworthy” (4/29/18)

Buffalo News, “New books put Rust Belt in the national spotlight” (4/22/18)

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