Welcome to the Authoritarian Kleptocracy, Part XXVI

This week my book “The View From Flyover Country” gets released in print for the first time. This collection of essays on the collapse of institutions and trust in the US was a critically acclaimed bestseller after it was first published as an ebook in 2015; that led to its reissue (with new material on the Trump era) in a print edition from Macmillan.

You can preorder it here; it comes out April 17. And if you live in St Louis, you can get your copy at Left Bank Books when I do a signing and live interview with St Louis Public Radio on April 17 at 7:00. Please come by!

In the meantime, here are some of my latest articles and interviews:

No, Trump isn’t suddenly interested in Assad’s war crimes (4/14/18) — The Globe and Mail
Scooter Libby’s pardon: In this White House, loyalty trumps the law (4/14/18) — Fast Company
Donald Trump will do anything to avoid prosecution — and John Bolton will help (4/12/18) — Fast Company

St Louis Magazine, “Talking to Sarah Kendzior about ‘The View From Flyover Country’” (4/10/18)
Columbia Journalism Review, “From Russia to Flyover Country, Sarah Kendzior might be the voice we need” (4/8/18)
Raw Story, “Scholar of fascism explains why Trump’s ‘Desert Stormy’ airstrike is a total sham” (4/14/18)
The Rick Smith Show “Sarah Kendzior on Trump’s Russia sanctions” (4/7/18)
AM Joy, MSNBC, latest on Manafort and Gates (3/31/18)


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