Welcome to the Authoritarian Kleptocracy, Part XIV

Hey do y’all believe me now about that whole “Russian inference” thing I’ve been writing about for over a year?

Anyway, here are some of my articles and interviews from the last few weeks:

Trump family troubles: Who will project Donald Jr? (7/11/17) — Globe and Mail
Don’t focus on Georgia. Voter suppression is the issue (6/21/17) — Globe and Mail
Trump is the best autocrat. The best. No one has a better autocrat (6/24/17) — De Correspondent
America’s highest-ranking legal professional is more interested in protecting his boss than protecting the law (6/15/17) — Quartz

Crooks and Liars, “Sarah Kendzior on the Impending Trump Autocracy” (includes clip of most recent appearance on AM Joy) (7/15/17)
Rick Smith Show, interview about Donald Trump Jr (7/11/17)
Raw Story, “REVEALED: Kremlin spokesman asked in 2016 about hacked DNC emails” (7/12/17)
New York Magazine, “Here are all the books Hillary Clinton has time to read now” (6/27/17) One of many articles on Hillary Clinton’s recommendation of my book, “The View from Flyover Country”. See this article at Library Journal for more. You can buy the book here. Thanks again, HRC!
Ottawa Today, interview on obstruction of justice (6/16/17)

I’m off to Australia soon as my “See the world before it ends tour” continues. (I’m the keynote speaker at the FIT 2017 World Congress in Brisbane.) As a result, I’ll have fewer articles out over the next couple weeks. Until then, catch me on Twitter!

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