Welcome to the Authoritarian Kleptocracy, Part XIII

Taking it day by day, learning to live like an animal in the jungle where we play…

My latest articles and interviews:

Trump is reportedly under investigation. Does that signal the end? Not so fast (6/15/17, Globe and Mail)
Comey testimony reveals Trump is running America like a crime boss (6/8/17, Globe and Mail)
America’s highest-ranking legal professional is more interested in protecting his boss than protecting the law (6/15/17, Quartz)
March for Truth, my speech in St Louis (6/3/17)

Ottawa Today, interview on obstruction of justice (6/16/17)
St Louis Magazine, “A List”, named top journalist in St Louis for 2017 (6/16/17)
Hellbent, “Smarter by Osmosis”, interview starts at 31:00 (6/15/17)
Rick Smith Show, “Sarah Kendzior on Comey Fest” (6/9/17)
Press Herald, “Legal experts look ahead at keys to Comey’s testimony to Senate panel” (6/8/17)
AM Joy, interview on the March for Truth (6/3/17)

I’m off to Germany in two weeks to give a keynote talk at the University of Giessen, and before that I’m giving a keynote at the Rouge Forum in St. Louis. For updates on each talk, check Twitter.

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