Election Coverage

Since March, I’ve been covering the 2016 presidential election for a variety of outlets. The most salient pieces are probably these three for Foreign Policy and Quartz, because many of the predictions in them came true within weeks:

Welcome to Donald Trump’s America (8/3/16)
Donald Trump and his racist followers could destroy America even if he loses (8/5/16)
Donald Trump’s conspiracy theories are making his supporters paranoid — and dangerous (10/13/16)

Other highlights (last updated 10/11/16):

A conspiratorial candidate, and Americas deferred dread (10/20/16)
To Donald Trump, we are all bit players in a fantasy America starring Donald Trump(10/19/16)
NPR, The Scramble: Trump’s conspiracies threaten democracy (10/17/16)
KALW, “Media coverage of women and sexual assault” (10/14/16)
CBC, interviewed on Trump and sexual assault on 13 CBC radio outlets (10/13/16)
It doesn’t matter who won the debate: America has already lost (10/10/16)
Kaine vs Pence: When Midwestern Nice meets Midwestern Lies (10/5/16)
Who won the presidential debate? (9/28/16)
How Hillary Clinton killed the Trump brand (9/27/16)
Trump’s birtherism: a national narrative of exclusion (9/18/16)
Hillary Clinton’s redemption problem (9/12/16)
Be afraid: Trump may have bought the Fourth Estate (9/9/16)
What is a Trump rally like without Trump? Very different (9/6/16)
Trump’s wall guards nothing but the sanctity of bigotry (9/1/16)
How do you become ‘white’ in America? (9/1/16)
Mediaite, The Associated Press gets busted tweeting fake Trump vs Clinton electoral map (8/28/16)
Now This, Interview about election (8/25/16)
AP tweets (then deletes, then reposts) deceptive Trump family puff piece (8/20/16)
Donald Trump’s bromance with Vladimir Putin underscores an unsettling truth about the two leaders (8/19/16)
Trump is right: the greatest threat is indeed from within (It’s him) (8/16/16)
Clinton Derangement Syndrome: Diagnosing the real reason that so many Americans hate Hillary
In a history littered with political corpses, Trump’s assassination hint is a new low (8/10/16)
How Trump punked American by manipulating our obsession with useless polls (7/28/16)
Donald claims he was sarcastic about Russia — no one’s buying it (7/28/16)
How nostalgia blinds Trump to the reality of working-class America (7/28/16)
The Democrats’ America on display: flawed but not fatalistic (7/26/16)
Making America work again — for Trump’s family (7/20/16)
Ottawa Today, Mark Sutcliffe Show, interview on Trump (7/21/16, 10-11 slot, 34 minutes in)
On the ground in flyover country (7/15/16)
Where economic despair and xenophobia meet, you find Trumpism – and Brexiters (6/28/16)
What does the election mean for Poland and Polish-Americans? (6/17/16)
Why young Americans are giving up on capitalism (6/16/16)
Most women won’t be able to follow in Hillary Clinton’s footsteps — unless they’re rich (6/16/16)
Why Gingrich may be Trump’s running mate
How state politicians are quietly working to steal the US presidential election
Why Bernie Sanders is still running
The term “anti-establishment” has lost all meaning (5/12/16)
Trump is the smartest candidate — he’s running on American pain (5/4/16)
Clinton, Sanders, Trump: Who really belongs to New York? (4/18/16)
Metropolis, the hometown of Superman, has a new hero: Donald Trump (4/6/16)
This Is Hell, “Writer Sarah Kendzior reports on the tabloid spectacle of Trump’s campaign through the Midwest” (3/26/16)
The trump card for U.S. cable news: Riots, ratings and rallies (3/30/16)
Trumpmenbashi: What Central Asia’s spectacular states can tell us about authoritarianism in America (3/22/16)
Who Won the Midwest? Not the people who live in it (3/16/16)
Trump supporters in St. Louis: How ‘midwestern nice’ became a sea of rage (3/12/16)
Super Tuesday was a referendum on racism (3/2/16)
Trump and the Media: Exploitative synergy (2/26/16)

For years, I’ve been writing about themes that are key to this election: economic exploitation, the lack of a true “recovery”, mass media and social media manipulation, the rise of dictatorships, the role of racism and white supremacy, and the abandonment of the American heartland.

As a result, very little about this election cycle has surprised me. You can read all about those topics in my book, The View From Flyover Country.

And seek out other analyses here.


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