Trump and the Media: Exploitative Synergy

Yesterday I tweeted about Trump’s relationship with the mass media. The tweets got a lot of attention, so I’m archiving them here.

  1. Trump captivates those sick of condescending, elite media. Media bromides about his genuine threat to US will do nothing to change minds.
  2. And the sudden turn from “Let’s cover everything Trump does” to “Stop it, he’s a fascist” is too disingenuous, and too late. Damage done.
  3. Financially flailing media seeks attention, clicks for cash. Trump needs no money, only attention — clicks for votes. Exploitative synergy.
  4. Media are just as panicked as Trump’s base — they have no money. They’re exhibit A of his strategy. Clicks, cash — make media great again.
  5. Media will get ratings + readers until election. Americans will get a neo-fascist. Media layoffs will begin. But the neo-fascist will stay.
  6. Media is a white-collar industry that pays blue-collar wages. It is exclusionary and desperate at the same time. Perfect mark for Trump.
  7. Media over-covers Trump for the same reason people vote for Trump: panic. Layoff after layoff, no security. Desperation to stay afloat.
  8. This entire country is running on panic. Which means it is being run into the ground. Only person not panicking: Trump.
  9. Media values conformity above all. Aggregation is a form of conformity. Reprint what’s popular, regardless of content. Fascism is popular.
  10. Next step: “And he’s really not so bad after all.” Watch my words, it’s coming.

Today, Christie endorsed Trump. Media will continue to acquiescence. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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