My Best of 2012

I wrote a number of articles in 2012 that resonated with people for one reason or another. Below, a few of the highlights. Thanks everyone for a memorable year!

Al Jazeera, The closing of American academia
Atlantic, Manic pixie dream dissidents: how the world misunderstands Pussy Riot
Foreign Policy, Stop talking about civil society
Al Jazeera, The fallacy of the phrase, ‘The Muslim world’
Atlantic, Kim Kardashistan: A violent dictator’s daughter on a quest for pop stardom
Radio Free Europe, Why policy forums should be held in authoritarian states
Al Jazeera, Academic paywalls mean publish and perish
Registan, Central Asia: An exception to the “cute cats” theory of internet revolution
Atlantic, The day Yahoo decided I liked reading about child murder
Al Jazeera, The power of the meme

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3 Responses to My Best of 2012

  1. Shehu says:

    Well done Sarah. Keep it up

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