Welcome to the Authoritarian Kleptocracy, Part XXIV

Here are my latest articles and interviews:

After a year of Trump, women expect less from men — but demand more (1/22/18) — Globe and Mail
Trump’s first State of the Union was classic reality TV. So who’s really running the show?(1/31/18) — NBC News
Could false alerts and fake news start a nuclear war? (2/1/18) — Fast Company

CBS News, “What are the issues affecting Missouri voters?” (1/30/18)
AM Joy, interview on obstruction of justice (1/27/18)
Trouw, “‘Trump ondermijnt dagelijks onze rechten en vrijheden/Trump undermines our rights and liberties daily’” [long interview in Dutch about Trump’s first year] (1/24/18)
Rick Smith, “Sarah Kendzior on ‘Release the Memo’” (1/23/18)
Forbes, “The real endgame for the president’s focus on fake news is the Mueller probe” (1/22/18)
Raw Story, “AM Joy panel ridicules ‘scumbag’ Trump for having to employ a ‘lawyer goon squad to avoid being blackmailed’” (1/20/18)
MSNBC, “Stormy Daniels and Trump: Why allegations matter” (1/20/18)
Who What Why, “Voter suppression may be the most important issue of 2018” (1/17/18)

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