Welcome to the Authoritarian Kleptocracy, Part X

My articles and interviews from the past four days:

Marie Claire: The healthcare bill exposes Trump’s chilling authoritarian agenda (5/8/17)

Baltic News Service, “Kendzior: Truth Still Matters” (5/8/17)
Baltic News Service: “Kendzior: Trump’s feud with the media is largely fake” (5/7/17)
World Policy On Air: “Fabricated terrorism”. Podcast on parallels between Trump admin and Uzbekistan (5/5/17)
Pealinn: “Kendzior: Trumpi suhted diktaatoritega on suuresti seotud tema ärihuvidega” (5/4/17) [Interview with me in Estonian]

Now off to Estonia for the Lennart Meri conference and a talk at Tallinn University!

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