Welcome to the Authoritarian Kleptocracy, part VII

Articles and interviews from the last week:

Globe and Mail: At long last, a forum where Trump cannot escape the truth (3/21/17)
World Policy Journal: From Andijon to Bowling Green: Fabricated terrorism in Uzbekistan and the United States (3/26/17)

Savage Minds “Kendzior: In defense of complaining” (3/26/17)
Crooks and Liars “Sarah Kendzior: Nunes a lapdog, not a watchdog (tape of AM Joy appearance) (3/24/16)
Reddit AMA: “I’m Sarah Kendzior, a journalist who covers authoritarianism in the USA” (3/24/17)
Marie Claire, 10 must-see Twitter accounts covering Trump’s every move (3/23/17)
NPR, Indivisible, “What happens when we put politics over needs” (3/23/17)
Rick Smith Show, “Sarah Kendzior talks Russia, Russia, Russia” (3/23/17)
Eclectablog “The slow motion rise of an American authoritarian regime” (3/20/17) (48 minutes in)

I’m about to do a ton of talks over the next two weeks, so probably fewer articles, but check my Twitter for updates on the news.

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