Welcome to the Authoritarian Kleptocracy Part II

Here are some of my articles and interviews from the past week:

The fake war on fake news (12/15/16) — Globe and Mail

Donald Trump, Russia, and the mystery of “these people” (12/14/16) — De Correspondent

Trump and Putin: The worst case scenario (12/23/16) — Quartz

CBS Detroit, Trump Trying To ‘Fulfill Fantasy’ Of Teaming Up With Russia, Political Writer Says (12/24/16)

The 451, Interview on authoritarianism (12/26/18)

MSNBC, Joy Reid, panel on Trump and Russia (12/16/16)

Zak Fanni, “How Trump is creating an authoritarian America” (12/16/16)

Muftah, “Sarah Kendzior on Trump, Resistance, Media” (12/14/16)

BBC News, “Why Voice of America matters outside the US” (12/15/16)

The Wire, “A Cassandra in Trumpland: Sarah Kendzior’s Pithy Commentary on Privilege” (12/9/16)

David Pakman Show, “Will any people not suffer under Donald Trump’s kleptocracy?” (12/9/16)

The Remix, What to fear from Trump presidency: authoritarianism, kleptocracy, Russia (12/19/16)

Teen Vogue, “Russian hacking poses a threat to American security and the presidency” (12/19/16)

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