Top 10 of 2015

In 2015 I wrote on a wide variety of issues for a wide variety of outlets. I switched mostly to features from op-ed, since my op-eds on exploitation, corruption and decay from previous years tend to resonate to the unfortunate degree that people think they’re new. Nothing changes. I keep getting vindicated when I’d rather be wrong. Here’s to going out of style in 2016.

These are my top ten articles from 2015, based not on traffic or outlet but on how much I liked them:

  1. Ferguson in Focus– The Common Reader — (10/30/15)
  2. ‘We Are Not Afraid’– Foreign Policy — (7/14/15)
  3. Ferguson, Inc. – Politico — (3/4/15)
  4. The US payday loans crisis: borrow $100 to make ends meet, owe 36 times that sum – The Guardian — (5/9/15)
  5. Ferguson’s radical knitters– The Guardian — (8/6/15)
  6. Uzbekistan’s Forgotten Massacre– The New York Times — (5/13/15)
  7. ‘We’re surrounded by murders’: a day in St Louis’s most dangerous neighborhood– The Guardian — (8/19/15)
  8. Academia’s One Percent– The Chronicle of Higher Education — (3/6/15)
  9. The Jewish and Palestinian Activists of the Ferguson Movement– Medium –(9/17/15)
  10. Generations Left Behind– The Brooklyn Quarterly — (10/27/15)
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