My new book – The View From Flyover Country

Big news! I’ve collected the best of my essays from my time at Al Jazeera into an ebook, available as a Kindle download for $5.00. If you would like to support my work – or simply want a copy of the best of it in one place – you can buy it today. The collection contains works on a variety of topics including labor exploitation, race, higher education, and freedom of speech. A full table of contents is below.

Buy The View from Flyover Country today!

PART I: The view from flyover country

The view from flyover country
The peril of hipster economics
Expensive cities are killing creativity
Mourn the fall of the mall

PART II: The post-employment economy

Surviving the post-employment economy
Meritocracy for sale
Survival is not an aspiration
Zero opportunity employers
A government shutdown, a social breakdown
The men who set themselves on fire
Charity is not a substitute for justice
The unaffordable baby boomer dream
The millennial parent
Mothers are not ‘opting out’ – they are out of options

PART III: Race and religion

The wrong kind of Caucasian
The fallacy of the phrase ‘the Muslim world’
In the trial of Trayvon, the US is guilty
St. Louis’s sons, taken too soon
The freedom to criticize free speech

PART IV: Higher education

The closing of American academia
Academic paywalls mean publish and perish
Academia’s indentured servants
The political consequences of academic paywalls
The immorality of college admissions
College is a promise the economy does not keep

PART V: Media

Managed expectations in the post-employment economy
Who is a ‘journalist’? People who can afford to be
Blame it on the internet
When mainstream media is the lunatic fringe

PART VI: Beyond flyover country

US foreign policy’s gender gap
Snowden and the paranoid state
Iraq and the reinvention of reality
Where following the law is radical
Water is a human right, but who is considered a human being?
The telegenically dead


In defense of complaining



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