Internet and Social Control in Uzbekistan

The NetProphet blog at Transitions Online did a nice review of my new report for the New America Foundation on internet freedom and social control in Uzbekistan:

The study, by American anthropologist Sarah Kendzior is the most comprehensive on this topic to date. It is highly readable, even for readers who do not know much about the region. It challenges a lot of preconceptions on the internet’s capacity to bring about social change, particularly in the context of an authoritarian regime. Uzbekistan’s online forums, blogs, and news sites are in line with the country’s political life at-large. Web users are subject to the same oppression online as on the streets. Furthermore, Kendzior concludes that Uzbeks self-censor in a sphere where anonymity is not a guarantee.

Read the rest of the article here. My report for New America can be found here. Thank you, Transitions Online!

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