On the FPWomeratti

Every year Foreign Policy magazine unleashes its annual experiment in ego-trolling known as the Twitterati 100, in which it lists the 100 foreign policy experts who you should follow on Twitter. The list always inspires debate, but this year it caused outcry since a mere 14 of the 100 were women – and some big names in foreign policy were left off the list. One of those women, Jillian C. York, a fellow scholar of the internet who does great work on political activism, got together with a few others and created the FPWomeratti – a list of 100 recommended female foreign policy follows. It’s a great list and I’m happy to be on it (look for me under Asia) – although the pink Twitter logo shows FP still has a ways to go. The original, crowd-sourced list has a lot of great women on it too – you can view it here.

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