Wikipedia ban in Uzbekistan

My Atlantic article about the ban on the Uzbek-language Wikipedia in Uzbekistan is a TIME magazine must-read of the week. They write:

Wikipedia Ban – The Atlantic explores Uzbekistan’s bizarre ban on the social information site Wikipedia. The government recently banned all pages in the native language of Uzbek, leaving all other pages untouched. What does blocking Uzbek-language posts about Kelly Clarkson and Cristiano Ronaldo accomplish? Anthropologist Sarah Kendzior posits it’s an exhibition of control by the government, “by censoring the Uzbek-language Wikipedia, state authorities mark an ambiguous collaborative space as Uzbekistan state territory — territory subject online, as it is on the ground, to strict government control,” she writes.

Thanks, TIME!

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3 Responses to Wikipedia ban in Uzbekistan

  1. 域名价格 says:


  2. Jamie Estevez says:

    What business is it of yours anyways what happends in Uzbekistan? It’s not your business. It’s not your country and Uzbeks can get by without Wikipedia just as their ancestors have for 3000 years. Mind your own business. I love Uzbekistan it is a great country with wonderful people and the people there are doing just fine and don’t need to be saved by nosey humanitarian liberals or democracy obsessed neocons thank you very much. If you’re so worried about freedom of speech and freedom of information and expression do it here in the home country where the Constitution is under attack by Republicans and Democrats and where masked left wing psychopaths use violencd to stifle free speech while hero whistleblowers like Edward Snowden have to seek refuge in Russia for fear of being executed at home for exposung our government’s crimes agianst the Constitution. YES SARAH YOUR WORK IS AT HOME LEAVE UZBEKISTAN AND UZBEKS ALONE.

  3. I want to commend you on your attention to countries that are controlling access to knowledge. Many in the US want to do the same thing here via neutering the free net. Thank you.

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