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Changing the Media

Yesterday I did an “Ask Me Anything” with the site Wiselike and got a lot of interesting questions. One of them, on problems with the US media, was widely circulated yesterday but requires a log-in today, so I’m reposting it … Continue reading

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Top 10 of 2015

In 2015 I wrote on a wide variety of issues for a wide variety of outlets. I switched mostly to features from op-ed, since my op-eds on exploitation, corruption and decay from previous years tend to resonate to the unfortunate … Continue reading

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Ferguson: A retrospective

For the Common Reader, I wrote a long piece on the legacy of Ferguson and how the St. Louis region and its people were left behind as the town became the symbol of a national movement. Though “Ferguson in Focus” was published last week, I wrote … Continue reading

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Unequal opportunity and limited futures

My latest for the Brooklyn Quarterly is on opportunity hoarding, inherited wealth, and what it means for the future of our kids: The gulf separating the current generation of younger adults – born in the 1970s or later – and … Continue reading

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The rise of suburban homelessness

For the Guardian, I profiled a woman who went from living in a suburban house and making $60,000 per year to living in a homeless shelter in downtown St. Louis. Suburban poverty and homelessness are both on the rise — … Continue reading

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Freedom House report on Uzbekistan

My annual report on human rights violations in Uzbekistan was published by Freedom House’s “Nations in Transit” section. The report highlights top-level and low-level corruption as well as police brutality, media censorship, imprisonment and torture of dissidents, and abuse of … Continue reading

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Jewish and Palestinian activists fighting for black liberation

I wrote an assigned feature article on the Jewish and Palestinian activists who have been involved in the Ferguson movement and more generally in the struggle for black rights and liberation. Everyone who knew I was writing this article, including … Continue reading

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Syrians in St. Louis

For the Guardian, I wrote about the movement to resettle tens of thousands of Syrian refugees in St Louis: “Syria, Syria, you’re not alone! Call St Louis your new home!” On 13 September, hundreds of St Louis-area residents converged in … Continue reading

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Some interviews

I was interviewed about a variety of subjects recently, ranging from Ferguson to ethics in journalism to state oppression and activism in Central Asia to my new book. Here you go: Here and There with Dave Marash, hour-long interview on … Continue reading

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A day in the life of St. Louis’s most dangerous neighborhood

Last week my colleague Umar Lee and I spent some time in College Hill, known as one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in St. Louis, and talked to people about their lives. For the Guardian: “We Googled the worst place … Continue reading

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