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Best of 2014

2014 was a very hard year – for the world, for my city, and for me. I am grateful to everyone who read and shared my work. Here are the articles that seemed to resonate most: The peril of hipster … Continue reading

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A Bosnian Murder, in Black and White

Umar Lee and I investigated the tragic murder of Bosnian immigrant Zemir Begić for Quartz, and analyzed the case in the context of race relations in St. Louis before and after the Ferguson events: “What about black on black crime?” … Continue reading

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No “healing” in Ferguson

My third in a series for Politico: In order to “heal”, St. Louis has been asked to have “a conversation on race.” This conversation has already been happening, and it is angry and uncomfortable. The conversation on race is whispered … Continue reading

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Nothing left to boycott

For Quartz, I wrote about the Black Friday boycott in St. Louis: In the St. Louis metropolitan region, three malls were temporarily closed. The first, the Galleria, is in the commercial suburb of Richmond Heights and is popular with black … Continue reading

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Ferguson on fire

My latest for Politico: Darren Wilson will never be on trial. Black St. Louis always was. For 108 days, there were protests in St. Louis. The vast majority of the protests were non-violent. Looting and arson, limited to the initial … Continue reading

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Understanding St. Louis and Ferguson (Updated)

In light of the impending Ferguson grand jury decision, here are a few of my articles on the politics, economy and culture of St. Louis. You cannot understand Ferguson without understanding the broader context of the region. Why Ferguson has … Continue reading

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The boarded buildings of Ferguson

My latest for Quartz addresses the economic and racial issues behind the boarding up of storefronts along Ferguson’s West Florissant Ave: Since August, the media have described Ferguson in apocalyptic terms. The region has been compared to Gaza and Iraq, … Continue reading

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The crash of the helicopter parents

I have a viral article in Quartz about the rise and fall of “helicopter parenting”, an elite practice peddled as normal that most parents could never afford: About 25 years ago, when the era of irrational exuberance allowed enough disposable income for irrational anxiety, … Continue reading

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The attention economy and the politics of language

My latest is for The Common Reader, a new journal you should read. Their debut issue is on the politics of language, and my article is on online protest in Uzbekistan. What happens when you tweet a protest and no … Continue reading

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Ferguson and the Politics of Fear

For my first article at Quartz, my writing partner Umar Lee and I interviewed white supporters of Darren Wilson, the police officer who killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. We also wrote about white flight and St. Louis’s politics of … Continue reading

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